How To Replace a Leaking AC Condenser

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if your car's air condition is leaking refrigerant and it's the condenser

that's leaking, then stay tuned because today I'm going to show you how to

replace a leaking air-conditioning condenser on your car, now this Toyota

kept leaking refrigerant so I put some ultraviolet dye in and when I looked

inside, I saw a green dye on the inside of the condenser, so I knew what was

leaking, when I pull off the front grill here, you can see it's all wet here because

the air conditioning condenser is cracked and it's leaking here, so we'll unbolt this

crossmember on the top, and lucky for us it just comes right off, so we can get to

the condenser, now lucky for us here we just have to unbolt the lines, if it had

refrigerant in it, we'd have to use a recycling machine to use the refrigerant

over again, but this all leaked out so there's nothing inside, we can just take

the lines off, then once you unbolt it, the line just comes off, then you do the same on

the bottom line and to keep air from getting in, get a little paper towel and stick

it inside the line, so air doesn't get in the AC system while you're working, then

then the condenser just slide right out, you got a wiggle it a little but it will come out, now

before you put the new condenser on, put about an ounce and a half of PEG oil in

it, because the old condenser had some oil in and you don't want to run the system

low, just pour it right in the hole, then you get the new one and slide it in, then

get a little AC oil and put it on the o-ring that's on the outside here, so it

seals better then slide it on and bolt it in place, just stick the bolt back in and

get it nice and snug, you tighten it up until the surfaces are flush and be sure

to put the bottom on tight too, now it's a good idea to change the

receiver drier too when you do this, but on this Toyota, the dryer is built into the

condenser, so it's all one piece and you changing them both at once,

then you hook a vacuum pump up using AC gauges and it sucks all the air out of

the system, that removes all the air out of the

system and all the impurities and do that for about half an hour or 45

minutes to make sure everything's gone, then you fill it up with refrigerant and

I have a whole video on how to do that correctly on YouTube, called how to fill

your car's air conditioner with refrigerant, in this case it takes point

7 kilograms of refrigerant, so you just watch the scale until it says point 7,

then when it's all full with refrigerant you can turn it on and enjoy the nice

cold air, and remember if you have any car questions just visit the Scotty

Kilmer channel.