Assassin's Creed Odyssey All GODS OF THE AEGEAN SEA Cultist Locations - Cult Unmasked Trophy

welcome to assassin creed its abyss and

in this video today I'm going to show

you another group of cultists called the

gods of the Aegean Sea now when you go

to the cult menu - located on the right

hand side at the bottom right corner

this group you'll have to fight them all

on the water so make sure you have your

ship upgraded in the description below I

will have timestamps for each cultists

along with a couple clues that will be

helpful discovering a couple of cult

members the first one will show up on a

map automatically as soon as you

discover the cult of Cosmos I'll be back

during certain parts of the video to

explain what's going on

okay so this is the location to the clue

which will bring us to our second cult

member all you can do is dive underneath

the water and then loot the chest once

we have that clue we'll be able to take

out our second cult member





all right so this is the location to the

clue for our third koltes all we to do

is take out the leader of the nation

here and then we'll have the clue that

ship is located to the left of this

island just go there and defeat the ship

and that'll be our third cult member

cosmos and the cult will be my family


okay so this is the location to our

fourth cult member all you have to do is

a conquest battle on this particular

island once you start the battle that

fourth member will appear the cool thing

about him is once you defeat him he'll

give us a clue to our 5th cult member so

then you just head over there take out

our 5th cult member and now we'll have

all five clues to give us the location

to our sixth and final cult member

called the Hydra once we defeat that

final cult member then we will complete

the group called the gods of the Aegean

Sea other than that if you have any

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that being said thanks for watching and

I'll see you next time tell me in fear

the stories will tell of her I killed

Poseidon with his own Trident and throw

his [ __ ] head to the Sharks

those that do not fear cosmos can learn

to breathe beneath the waves