Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) Injuries

hi I'm Tim Williams at Dwyer Williams

spotter injury accident attorneys I'm

the lead litigation attorney for our

firm one of the more common knee

injuries is an ACL injury let's look at

the model to understand what that is

let's take a look at the model this is a

right knee model this is the kneecap

here these two bones the lower leg and

this is the thigh bone up here you see

the knee bends backwards like we all

know it does when we walk now underneath

the decap and move it out of the way we

can see the ACL or the anterior cruciate

ligament the purpose of the ACL is to

keep the knee stable to keep it from

twisting or to keep it from bending one

way or another this this unfortunately

is the easiest to injure of all the

ligaments in the knee because it is

located directly in the middle and any

twisting injury or forceful injury from

one side or the other or in particular

any twisting injury with a forceful

injury to one side of the other such as

a ski accident you see that car

accidents usually in Falls that can

actually partially terror fully tear

that that ACL so when the ACL is torn it

can be a partial tear or a full tear

partial tears be honest generally aren't

operated on the doctors will send you a

physical therapy they'll strengthen the

muscles surrounding the ACL to

compensate for the tears there's less

stress put on the ACL but ultimately

because it's it heals so poorly if they

can avoid surgery they're going to do

that but if it's a full tear

unfortunately particularly younger folks

you will need a surgery and rather than

simply sew it back together they

actually have to donate to harvest a

portion tendon from elsewhere it usually

it's it's in the Achilles and they move

it up and then graph that where the ACL

used to be and allowed that to heal and

that'll be the reconstruction never as

good as a knee without an ACL injury but

it's the best they can do with current

technology so what happens in is an

insurance company they look at an ACL

tear and they either argue well it maybe

it was there before particularly if a

person played college sports or maybe

even softball with City League or

something or maybe it's age-related or

maybe they don't need surgery when they

actually had

the surgeries that I want to pay for it

so these are all common lines of

argument we hear from insurance

companies and that's why it's important

to have a lawyer at your side who knows

the law knows what the insurance

companies liable for and holds them to

their responsibilities