Cash A Company Business Check Without A Business Checking Account

hey what's going on guys I'm gonna make

a quick video tonight about being able

to cash a company check when you do not

have a bank account under your company's

name anymore now let me give you a quick

reference okay I own my own company

there's the name of my company right

there sorry I'm covering up some of my

personal information in the cinder I

want to protect the company's name as

well so sorry about the post notes there

but my company's name is right here and

I am a sole proprietor and so let me

break it down real quickly what I have

going on now I was at Chase and Wells

Fargo two different banks with business

checking accounts when I started my

business now I have since closed those

accounts down because I rarely ever if

any more ever get paid by cheque from

the company now that I have square my

credit card receiver now that anyone can

accept credit cards or cash I rarely get

chicks I used to get checks a lot more

often but not anymore so save yourself

from fees cancel your business checking

account that's charging you ridiculous

fees and do this way now this way is

going to take a few business days but

it's the easiest way possible after

doing some research use your PayPal

application on your Android phone or

your iPhone to take a picture of your

check your business check and you will

not need to open back up a business

checking account savings account etc to

cash or business check again this is in

my company's name not my own name so if

I went to my bank that I have a personal

checking account they're like no because

this does not have your name on it this

is Triple Crown transport this is your

company's name they will not allow me to

cash it so you'd be like oh my gosh how

am I going to get paid from this company

that owes me money again guys PayPal app

okay so let me show you the check in

just a second here but let me fire this

up and here's my iPhone here here is

square this is what I use for credit

card processing we're going to skip over

to Pay Pal right here download this in

the App Store or go to your Android

would store if you have an Android phone

and get the PayPal has a white P with a

blue background says PayPal download

that application let's go ahead and fire

it up if you do not have a PayPal

account you will need a PayPal account

for this let's go ahead and login

there's some sensitive information once

I hit this so let me login and I'll go

ahead and protect any information show

you what to do here guys

alrighty guys so I got my check here and

of course very sensitive information

that's being covered up here but this is

my check right here and of course the

amount here so 150 bucks I don't want to

just like give that away so I want to be

able to cash this company check without

a checking account like I've explained

so we're in the PayPal app now guys and

all you do and down here at the bottom

you're going to have activity transfer

Wallet and settings you want to go to

Wallet the third one right here hit that

one and this screen will come up and

again sorry sensitive informations below

here guys you either here you either add

to withdrawal or scan check we want to

scan check and you come over here to

scan check let's go ahead and hit scan

check ok now this will come up and if

you guys have seen the commercials now

all you do is you take a picture over

the front of the check that says front

of the check and then after you take a

picture you'll ask you to show you the

back of the check with your signature

and you take a picture ok so let's go

ahead and do that and we'll go to the

next minute ok and after you take the

picture right there

back up check retake or use we're going

to use that one right there now we come

to this screen right here guys and we

look right here and it says the amount

ok the amount of the check was $150 so

let's go ahead and type in 150 decimal

zero zero and let's go ahead and push

add check

you are adding 150 to your PayPal

account we're going to confirm we're

going to confirm and then it's going to

have a screen that kind of gives you

some of your personal information with a

timer on it let's get through the screen

real quick guys and I'll be right there

with you okay there we go now after that

personal information screen with the

timer we're processing your check your

check may need to take up to six days to

process don't destroy the check until

the money is in your PayPal account you

can add another check or done we're

going to go ahead and hit done okay

great I hit done and now again your

personal information guys so definitely

keep that secure and that is it that is

how you deposit a business check into

your account paypal does not care if

your account is set up under your name

and again if i didn't make that clear in

the beginning of the video my paypal

account is under my personal name not my

company name paypal does not care

and so again PayPal has no idea what my

company's name is compared to my real

name I have it under my real name so

that's it guys hope you enjoyed that

thumbs the video up and again it takes a

little bit of time takes about six

business days but it will get there and

just keep the check with you and then

void the check out once it's in there so

you don't double dip in your same check

and be embarrassed when the funds don't

arrive so hope this video helped guys

you guys take care and check out the

other videos got a lot more cool stuff

on the way take care guys bye bye