How to Change a Furnace or Air Conditioner Filter | GoPro View Inside Furnace

hi guys this is your furnace your

furnace is the most expensive component

of your entire house and your furnace

needs a clean filter to run correctly I

will show you how to change that filter

it's gonna save you money on operations

and it's gonna make your furnace last a

lot longer and you can do it yourself

it's super easy

in fact the manufacturer of the machine

made it so you can do it so that you do

it right look like that nasty well it's

time to replace it hello people of

YouTube I am recommending that if you

have not changed your furnace filter in

the last three months that you go change

it right now changing your furnace

filter is actually very quick you just

pull out well shut off the unit pull

that filter out put the new one in and

then you're good to go for another three

months your furnace and air conditioner

is probably together if you have central

air if you have course their heat you

have a furnace filter guaranteed if it

blows there you have a filter if you

have a filter it's recommended that you

change it every quarter but you should

look at it every month first and most

importantly shut off your unit if you

don't know how to shut off your furnace

then check your owners manual because if

it is running and here's circulating

through it if you pull the filter the

dust will break loose that's all around

your filter and we get sucked right in

directly into that unit I'm lucky I just

have a simple on and off switch right

here see that so I can just shut my

machine off so if you don't have an

on/off switch on your furnace then you

can just simply go to your thermostat

control and turn it off right there

there that just shut the system off

you'll have to let the fan actually shut

off the fan too if you don't have the

capability either way by shutting it off

here or there then you might be able to


off at your circuit breaker box what I

recommend though is if you've never done

this before

you really should have a furnace

inspection anyway every two years just

have them tell you where to shut it off

when they do your furnace inspection

you basically just remove the cover

we'll find where that air filter is

located it's going to be located where

your when your air returned from your

house goes into the machine and that's

that simple it's right at the entryway

before I change this I'm gonna pull it

out and take a quick look it just slides

out it's just a piece of cardboard and

it's very light sometimes it's kind of

stuck the side of it looks like it's in

good shape but I'm gonna take a look and

see what size I need to go get and then

also notice which way it points for the

air flow before you take it out an

additional tip for you when you pull out

your air filter and you see that the air

flow is pointing this way make that note

on the hard part of your furnace so I

just simply like that then you'll know

it's in three months when you change

your filter again you won't remember so

write it down right away okay let's go

get a new filter I happen to have one

I'm a good boy I bought several when I

was at the store so I don't have to go

to the store and you don't have to wait

for me it's right here the same exact

size notice the air flow direction we're

gonna unwrap it okay again furnace is

off I shut off the off switch and I

don't hear it running at all the fans

have all stopped the hot parts are not

hot anymore doesn't matter you gonna put

you're not putting your hand into the

machine at all so basically even if it's

not running you can just change it it's

really easy takes you a few seconds okay

I'm are almost there

hold that cover that I showed you put it

to the side these are usually sharp so

be careful so again you're gonna find

that air filter you're gonna get get in

there pull it out carefully

and I recommend look at that dust on

there that's only a few months worth

definitely needs changing it should look

it should look like this one nice and

clean okay you don't have to reach in

there and do anything with it but if if

you feel like vacuuming that out as long

as you are safe and your machine is off

then go ahead I am going to take a peek

with a flashlight

that's from underneath this is where the

filters sitting and that's what it looks

like inside your furnace the air comes

from inside your house from your coal

air return bed sits the vents that have


they suck into the wall that air comes

into here right through through where

the filter is which is right where the

camera is right now and then this motor

pushes the air back through the heating

the heating part of the furnace that's

what the inside of your furnace looks

like where your air is returning

you're not seeing where the flame is

that's on another part of the furnace

which we are not accessing that's

actually up here right in this area okay

it's very clean in there and so it's

ready to go for this to carefully be put

back in again it's very easy you go with

airflow pointing that way it doesn't

matter if it's this direction or this

direction go either way

airflow aims toward your furnace it's

that simple okay

no fit it in there okay so it'll be a

tight fit you might have to push it in

and wiggle it a little bit you can see

it's very nice and tight it has to go

straight in if it if it tilts one way or

another it's not gonna fit there you go

carefully put it in so you don't rip the

material all the way in you may have to

back it up push it the rest of the way

there you go and it's flush with the top

so already

put the access panel back you may not

have an access panel some air filters

are a lot thinner than that and it just

sets in there and you don't even have to

remove a cover mine is larger and so you

have a cover and all those sounds you

make make you sound more important

people in your household will hear that

through the vents and they'll think man

he's really working hard to maintain our

furnace okay it's in place simply turn

it back on

now that you've installed the new filter

you can turn your furnace back on and

then turn the fan to on I always have my

fan circulating which is why I need to

change the filter more often also do not

ever buy a house until you have the

furnace inspected and if the inspector

finds a problem have the current owner

get that fixed before you offer to buy

the house or you can write it as

contingency in your offer that that item

be fixed also when I look at a house I

pull the filter up and take a look at it

and with that your furnace is gonna

light up or if it's summer your air

conditioner is gonna go for stair runs

whether it's an air conditioner or a

furnace a runs through the filter the

filter takes out the things that would

kind of otherwise wreck your furnace fan

and your furnace will be a lot more

efficient so yeah get that checked out

be safe be efficient have fun change

your filter only take you five minutes

do it four times a year at least cost

you 20 30 bucks for the filter and you

are saving money on your heating and

air-conditioning bill by doing this and

it's the right thing to do well no it's

the responsible thing to do it's the

smart thing to do write the comments if

you have any experiences with putting in

your furnace filter or not putting in

your furnace filter those are really the

stories I want to hear what happened if

you didn't change it tell me your story