ABS Computer Module Replacement 2000-2006 GMC Yukon, XL, Sierra

hello and welcome to car pros today

we're going to show you how to replace

the ABS computer on a 2002 2006 GMC

yukon XL tools you're going to need is a

torque set a ratchet and a flathead

screwdriver this repair is rated a 2 out

of 10 on the difficulty scale first

inspect your replacement unit very

carefully be sure it matches your

original identically first thing we're

going to do is remove these two

electrical couplers

next we're going to grab our torques

with a ratchet and undo the four bolts

holding the module in place

then remove the module however there is

a connector on the far side so grab a

screwdriver and pry it loose

replug in that far connector once the

old modules on the way you are free to

install the new module when tightening

the four torques is up top be sure to go

into a X pattern as shown here first go

in an X pattern by your hand and then

once again with the ratchet to shore up

the bolts

once the bolts are nice and tight you're

going to reconnect those two electrical

couplers that you removed earlier thank

you so very much for watching if you

have any questions please visit to car

pros calm