Better Orgasms! An Introduction to the A-Spot


hey guys Mike Toretto from Sasha PUA

here today to show you a quick little

sex tip about the anterior fornix

erogenous zone otherwise known as the a

spot now the a spot is in the front it's

not in the back that's what you were

thinking where it's located is actually

all the way of the to the back of the

vagina find the cervix and go north now

if you're if you're very inexperienced

with sex you might be asking well what's

the cervix where is that that would be

the sort of cone-shaped feeling bit at

the far back end of the vagina that's

the cervix if you hit that with your

finger or your penis during sex you're

going to cause a lot of pain discomfort

it's kind of like like hitting a woman

in the balls right so we're not aiming

for to poke that thing we don't want to

do that but we do want to find it and go

immediately north of it now here's the

trick here's here's the the part for me

when I first learned about this that was

a little bit difficult to grasp the

amount of pressure that you need to put

against that north wall is relatively

significant and it's just just a sort of

a steady pressure like so for taking one

or two fingers pressing it against the

north wall with sort of a constant

steady pressure moving the fingers

around and maybe small small circles

we're not stabbing we're not doing

anything like that it's just it's it's

gentle but very firm firmer than you

think isn't as a matter of fact you

could even apply top-down pressure from

the abdomen

to increase the sensation now why do we

want to do this the a spot is actually

even more powerful than the g-spot or

the C spot otherwise known as the

clitoris everybody focuses all on the

clitoris from from what I've read a

clitoral orgasm releases dopamine and

other happy chemicals but in a spot

orgasm and internal orgasm releases

oxytocin which is the bonding hormone so

the orgasm tends to feel deeper more

fulfilling and also has the added

benefit of connecting you to that person

a little bit a little bit more a little

bit stronger so if you're looking to

deepen your relationship with a

girlfriend or something like that a spot


those are the way to go feel free to go

out and Google that I'm sure you could

find some even more in-depth manuals out

there but I just wanted to make you guys

aware of a very uncommon or not not as

not as commonly known erogenous zone in

the female anatomy that works fantastic

so hope you guys get to use that and

have a good day