How to Complete Form 433-D Direct Debit Installment Agreement

hi Amanda Kendall with true result acts

professionals today I want to walk you

through how to fill out a form for 3 3 d

this form is used when you have an

installment agreement with the IRS and

you want to set that agreement up as a

direct debit there are several benefits

to setting up a direct debit installment

agreement some include a lower setup fee

with the IRS second big advantage of a

direct debit agreement is that depending

on how much you owe and how much you're

paying you may qualify to have your lien

withdrawn with a direct debit agreement

as well so we're going to walk through

how to fill this out so you can see here

right here that I have filled in name

and address I'm just using my

information on this here over here

you're going to fill in your social

security number and then here you're

going to fill in your phone number if

you have a spouse that name would go

here right next to your social security

number would go there as well this box

submitted new w-4 to your employer is

only if you need to adjust your

withholding to avoid continuing to down

here you're going to put in your

employers name and address so again I'm

just going to use my information for

this purposes of filling this out today

and then who you bank list so we're

going to say that I drank with Chase

Bank got one two three means three so

you want to make sure all of that is

completely filled out now we're getting

into the actual tax information that's

going to go on this form so the kinds of

taxes are going to be the form number so

if you offer individual income tax it's

going to be a form 1040 if you offer

payroll or employment tax that may be a

941 and 940 it's going to be the exact

type of tax that you want it's going to

be the form number that you put their

tax periods is going to be years for

which you owe so we're going to put 2014

and 2015 the amount owed as of this is a

number that you're going to want to get

from the IRS if you don't have some

recent notice

that will allow you to pull this number

right off there because you want it to

be as accurate as possible right down to

the change as you can see I put that in

there next you're going to put in the

amount that you agree to pay so let's

set up a five hundred dollar month

installment agreement now we're going to

start paying this on January 28th 2017

this form always needs at least 30 days

to be processed sometimes it can take up

to 45 so you just want to make sure that

that date is at least 30 days out and

know that you may very well have to make

your first payment by sending in a check

or going online at WWF gov back slash

direct pay and making a payment that way

the IRS will allow payment plans to be

set up anywhere from the 1st to the 28th

of the month the IRS will allow for

installment agreements to be set up on

any date from the 1st through the 28th

of each month so you can never go past

the 28th right here if you agree to any

type of increase decreases are not as

common but if you agreed to anything

with the IRS that's going to be where

you put in this information here right

here in this box you do want to make

sure that you initial this box if this

box is not initialed when you send this

to the IRS this is not going to be

considered a complete form and they will

return it cannot be typed in initials

like this it does need to be handwritten

initials down here going to attach a

voided check with this form in order to

setup up as a direct debit so we're

going to put in routing number account

number we want to make sure those pieces

of your form are complete as well and

accurate sending this with a voided

check allows them if there is a mistake

to be able to fix that the last part of

this form is going to be signatures and

dates down here so you want to make sure

that you're signing this you're dating

it if there's a spouse on a joint

liability you want to make sure that

your spouse is signing and dating in as

well down here in this bottom section do

not fill out anything there once you've

made sure that you've signed dated this

that you've initialed here and


else on the forum is complete then this

forum is ready to be sent to the IRS

there are addresses on where you can

mail this if you have some recent

notices or an installment agreement

notice sometimes you can get that

address off there or you can call the

IRS and fax this form over to them to

have it processed on the phone if you

have any questions on this please don't

hesitate to call the office you can

reach us at seven two zero three one

nine eight nine five four thank you