Canada, U.S., and Mexico bid selected as 2026 FIFA World Cup host

if you vote in favor of Morocco press

Morocco Beach if you vote in favor of

the joint or United beat press United

beat if you don't want to select any of

the beat and not press none of the beat

if you want to abstain

meaning you don't want to vote please

don't touch your e-voting system and the

word start now

you have 15 seconds



but collectors submit but

close now let's wait for the results





the result already and I'm giving back

the floor to FIFA president to announce

the winning bidder thank you very much

secretary-general so we have a winner

for the 2026 FIFA World Cup the member

associations of Canada Mexico and USA

have been selected by the FIFA Congress

to host the 2026 FIFA World Cup thank


the renegade ladies and gentlemen

silence in the room please I would like

to ask now the representatives of the

United beat to come on stage please and

the president of CONCACAF please


is the president we can announce at the

same time the result Morocco beat got 65

votes or 33% United beat got a hundred

and thirty four votes or 67% and none of

the beat got 101 percent in thanking as

well very much the whole delegation of

the Morocco b2 did an extraordinary job

shukran I would like to give the floor

to one or two or three or four or five

representatives of the United

sorry it's a bit emotional for us today

Thank You president infantino fellow

presidents general secretaries and

everyone in our FIFA family on behalf of

our United bid Canada Mexico and my

country the United States thank you so

so very much for this incredible honor

thank you for entrusting us with this

privilege the privilege of hosting the

FIFA World Cup in 2026 we want to convey

our appreciation as well to the fief

administration and your staff president

Fantino especially the taskforce who

worked so hard over this entire process

let us also salute our friends from

Morocco at the end of the day we are all

united in football that's the spirit of

the World Cup the beautiful Gantt game

transcends borders and cultures football

today is the only victor and in that

spirit we wish our Russian hosts and all

the teams competing here this month the

very best of luck thank you all again

very much



ladies and gentlemen we are going now to

project on the white screen the vote by



and these results are going to be also

available in the next minutes in the website thank you for your


present the Flores back to you