Everyone SHOCKED After Epic Announces That The 2020 World Cup Is CANCELLED! (Fortnite)

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breath for life hey what's going on guys

is fortnight kid here in today's video

we got pros and content creators

reacting to Epic Games new announcement

about twenty20 World Cup being canceled

and more for tonight competitive plans

for the future with that in mind guys

let me know in the comments down below

who do you think would have won the

World Cup 2020 if it did happen in other

news we got some insane moments in

today's video so make sure to watch the

video till the end because you don't

want to miss out on these incredible

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the rest of the video wait wait

apparently for a night off military yeah

last month we said provide our 22 and

Confederate roadmap today we wanted to

try out updates on with our plans in

2020 that's 20 funny all contents will

be held online due to not be there will

not be a four-night called world cup we

don't know the return voyage will we

know what they're bringing back to

broadcast say mums what's happening

chill I think it's only showing cash

cops if you're saying that there's not

gonna be any land for 2020

no nicer 2020 wfn cs3 season Oh Brody

said before I woke up 20 21 where they

said but we're home-free to be able to

put on some form of for now woke up in

2021 where you seen this epic on oh yeah

oh my god that's so good

[ __ ] go broadcast back what for the F

and C s that's so good HD oh my god

that's lip did you see this foreign air

competitive thing

no what's going on they just came out

saying they're not doing a World Cup

because of Corona and they're doing a

World Cup in 2021 hopefully and they

said that they're basically gonna be

doing F and C S is for every season just

like normal

yeah they're gonna be doing broadcasts

starting this weekend right yeah so

they're starting back up with the

casting and all that which is sick

that's cool that's cool yeah I kinda

assumed they were gonna do a World Cup

obviously yeah yeah I got invited I'm

pretty sure to the week one for F and C

F do you Nemo why I think I didn't get

an email but my my contact the epic

oh my god I'm underground

dude I'm I'm I am so [ __ ]

I cannot bro I'm I'm in the car that was

[ __ ] embarrassing that was the worst

thing I've ever gone open a missus got

enough right

but like realistically is it really too

much time let's just run wait how can we

prove that my sister's broken stuff I

don't know if that does anything for you


well that [ __ ] feels so ass right there

holy [ __ ] holy [ __ ]

I got Twitter health hey Mista still

feels fine dude it's just like

longer-range is [ __ ] horrible I just

see that both skinny built take it a

fight coming hey good night baby what's

what's what's become this make this make

nice-nice Leone flares I'm done I'm done

oh my god they just gave her this



yeah [ __ ] you man like schema I don't

get it like I don't get it I think it's

good you're under this wall I'm one HP

mailing that [ __ ] should be love oh okay

yeah that's it yeah yeah what's the

windows outside Jake home that could

actually focus contact with that Oh

check out that check put that nice good

all right let's hit something ready get

ready to clip this put on read it follow

me on instagram you mad ug on the score

oh my god

[ __ ] on uh I tell the workmen taking the

fight I can't finish your boy where is


I'm not gonna finish him he said tonight

I'm dead

oh [ __ ] and the mats I hit a blank in

his head I think why the [ __ ] are you

wearing my skin and you're this supid

man like this is the reason why

what the [ __ ] who the [ __ ] is that bro

what the [ __ ] oh my god

what the [ __ ] what happen I literally

placed up oh my god like what the [ __ ]

are you doing bizzle

music on their bow

let's go baby please do you man like

there's no reason why I wouldn't still

love you after that man like there there

isn't Sonia are you for really hard I'm

in the house I'm taking a half I think I

want the house okay well I I cranked out

a lot of oh my gosh I just won pumped

him real quick well I will be grabbing

your medal okay he had no medal oh do

under pump I was