MLB | 2019 World Series Highlights (WSH vs HOU)



those lead to nothing here in the first

on a double by Korea


dealt with plantar fasciitis early in

the year and here's one into scenter

sandmen t's off here in the second

inning it's a two to one ball game

last didn't that breaking ball to change

the eye level of the hitters third

youngest players you saw it and hit

cleanup in the World Series and he just


pitch was up the game is tied and that's

up onto the railroad track atop the wall

on the left

20 years old and just bursting with

power you tell me a lot of America

doesn't know about this offense because

they weren't on display in the first

half time off before the World Series

backed into right field

they said in the score Suzuki and the

Nationals are on top

I want a single a flat ball and then a

base hit by Adam Eaton hundred first

we'll go that's Rendell that's well hit

into left field back

one run scores here comes rundown score


and the Nationals down leave

sono delivers again here's a 1-1 hard



and that saves another run reluctant


here's a tool




here's Daniel Hudson with two on one out

he's been closing games one two popped

up out behind the second base position

Cabrera has out number two runners in

scoring position left side


the bases are loaded

hit play by the young shortstop your Don

Alvarez won slam this year here zo2 he

struck him out button comes in out of

the bullpen and keeps on doing his thing


it stays in




it's a one-run game spinner delivers


go to pitch that's in the left so no is


and a left-center field wall glasses

they're in the Nationals take Game one


opportunity for the Nationals and that's

in the left well hit it bounces away and

two runs you're gonna score

let us stand for the Nationals a two-run

double by Randolph in a two nothing game

to lead


long ways Victor Robles wait co2

seize took him out here strikeout number

200 in the postseason for Justin

Verlander now number one all-time two




pounding strikes hit with a secondary


Adam r18 going to be a tough play

Verlander throws it into his own leg

humping a base hit it's cut Verlander

smiling catcher is Martine Maldonado

after the Astros pinch-hit Kyle Tucker

for Robinson Chirinos and that's always

a little dicey for a manager when he

knows the pitcher catcher combination

has been clicking here's one hammered

into left

Nationals jump back on top it's 3-2 here

in the seventh


load them up for Kendrick left side

Blackman can't make the play one more

cause for the Nationals its Fortuna

that's into center field in a couple

Normal School


and it's 6:00 to Washington here in the



breaking ball chopped to third




so 'cimmanon slides in yes one is

rocketed out to right

ten to

and nationals

have just come in here and put their


on this world series

reaching for it went down



Nationals up two games to nothing as

they went here tonight 12 to 3

that's in the center back spider has to


by Viktor Robles in centerfield wall and

there to left might drop that ball

that's gonna get down

to the play

Astros lead one to nothing here in the

second inning on a base hit by just wet

stuff everyday so I'm never concerned

off his glove the run scores it's two

nothing Houston here in the third inning

three infielders on the right the pitch

swing and a Miss got him on a curveball

and Greinke strands the bases loaded in

the third action for Washington in their

big man



two to one Astros to kick the pitch and

that one is just low he does not call

the low strike that was solid for either

side here's the pitch slide step and

that want to change up long 76 miles an


and Sanchez must know where it's missing

he's walking down asking cederstrom

we're not happy as he watched the first

base side of the pound 3 1 pitch to

Michael Brantley runner at second one

out grounded to and through the right

side they bring out Tuesday there is no

clue and the Astros get that run right

back it's 3 2 1

bats hammered down the line and it's

fair it's gone

Jim eNOS has gone deep end he's added to

the lead biggest lead of the night it's

now 4 to 1 as he bangs the foul pole in

left 2 2 pitch gets him

that's in the left-center field would

put Houston on top it kicks down how to

day will score over the Florida's

Bradley in first pitch swinging

it's one two nothing Houston on the RBI

by Bregman here's a 1-1 Uriel hits it to

third diving stop rendang

we are safe

and it's two nothing Houston with a fast

start here in game 4 rend own a nice

stop but then couldn't do anything with

check another hit away from Altuve

dives to his right one down Astro

struggled through Games one and two in

runners in scoring position in half for

the most part this postseason oh wow


- inshallah west center by Correia and

that was not easy that ball had a lot of

spin on it that's well hit to left to

reno's has another

it's out of here Robinson Chirinos a

two-run bomb to left field put the

Astros up four to nothing boy there was

no doubt about that you can hear it

right away well into the bleachers in

left field in a big two-run shot for the

Astros here's a bunt trying to catch

Carlton took a good play to get out to



goes to the bag a run scores it's

borderline the RBI groundout Harris and

the Astros will take it

now it's up out coming up for the

Nationals in Howie Kendrick 2nd and 3rd

- they'll bring in Bregman here 0 1


just cleaned up and closed open game


here in the seventh against the

Nationals bullpen

it's 8 to 1 as they try to even this

world series to 2

does not miss down

at least that is the scouting report the

guy so last night rodney gun

bregman tonight

Bregman gets Rodney and

big way three balls two strikes two on

two out runners go again it's not diving

stop by curry



that should end it

me flex two out tuve the Astros have

even this world series at two games

apiece with an eight to one win here

tonight in Game four to one that is hit

in the left center field back


for the abstracts and he goes deep

the opposite way to make it two nothing

Houston in the second that is hammered

into left


a pair of two-run homers tonight for the

Astros Alvarez and now Correa sundo hits

it in the air to Center


in its core award


kolja mented the fact that he'd lost

some two-strike battles nationals with

for 414 in those counts tonight 1 for 6

we started to walk away and the inning



each catcher has done that tonight


and AJ Hinch is going to go talk to Gary


the situation if there's anything that

might be frustrated between his catcher

I saw Cole say whatever this is just a

conversation might even wait for the

home plate umpire to come out to the

mound sometimes a manager has a way of

being able to talk and a way out say

something not this time




tisn't agree


that sauce is his back back toward the

plate and now throws his gloves and in

it just filled with emotion as strikeout

looking ends the frame Nationals are on

the board on the home run by Soto it's

four to one after seven and Game five

we'll give you all the rim planes you

want the Nationals are hot their fans

may be hotter first of all a 3-2 pitch

it's called ball floor looked outside

Maldonado starts to walk away and get

that reaction then this pitch on 3 & 2

was called strike 3 on Robles who

couldn't believe it a reaction by AJ

Hinch but the other dugout furious

and rightfully so t to pitch from Hudson

babysit run scores



delivers with two day

and it's a 5 to 1 ballgame here in the



a tenth manager

by George Springer here's a one - thank

you sir


three four and five and to have three

games to two series laid in this 2019

World Series and back to Texas they go

right Betty said James Turner good start

for the Nationals in game number six

Weinke the white oak

the infield and the national strike



so No

in front of wall tagging you Springer




two one


- - good pitch down at an end Redick

strikes out struck him out on the pitch

down and away and that strikeout number

three for Strasburg and that's four

innings in the books

that's down the line



here to tie this game at a meetin

with his second home run of this world


and it's a 2-2 game here in the fifth

another sound at the

once Oh No


and now Soto carries his back down to

the first base coach Tim Bogart

and one certo has just gone deep and the

Nationals take the lead 3-2 in the fifth

a strikeout from Strasburg four on the

night for his Astros he strikes out on

the pitch in the dirt

nice pick by Turner

and the defense was aligned perfectly on

its active roster that's a tough play

for peacock


and safe at first Paul gets away and the

lines will advance to second and third


for being inside the

and in the way of the flow

and we're going to get an argument now I

was Dave Martinez is furious


using this Sam Holbrook has called the

during our sending a patrol


let's take another look you can run in

this spot you have to veer back towards

the bag

and that is that is a tough call Turner

speed is so great and they're gonna

stick with the call

anren don't shoot one in the left



and the lead is three here in the

seventh-inning for the Nationals it's

five - as R and L may have just rescued

this inning for Washington

well that frustration just left that

dugout in an unbelievable burst


a lot about the seventh inning Anthony

Rendon has just hit a two-run home run

to make it 5-2 Stephen Strasburg is back

to the mound there's a lot going on here

this is between innings and Dave

Martinez went out


this escalated where chip Hale had to

hold his manager back David Martinez has

been through a heart procedure in second

half of the season they're trying to get

him to take it easy then he's thrown out

of ball game

and so chip Hale will take over

meanwhile that play

we were all kind of shocked to see them

go down and put the headset on because

that play

is not reviewable


they call at first base with the runner

inside the line interfering with the


but they went down and then we had that

long delay of over four minutes about as

angry as you're going to get in the

situation you just hope doesn't affect

him with what he's been through



so with his blood pressure shot up his

heart rate shot up

Brenden hits it into deep right to score


Nationals have floated over

lead 7-2 to here in the ninth for the

what a play by Asdrubal Cabrera in this

looks like that might be the end for

Strasburg and I guarantee you his

teammates are gonna



that's attendant Cabrera is there the

Nationals of course Game seven




and the answer is strike first in Game


that's called a strike down and then

that slider just stayed right in the

middle and it's a classic Meriel kind of

keep the bat in the zone as long as

possible and then lift the ball in the

air Rizzo and - now the T -

more strong


in Houston

that is a rocket to left


mix it two to one there's that man for

the Washington Nationals no heartbeat

or seal heartbeat he's got a heartbeat

it's just slow

nothing's too big for him struck out 11

walked one opponent sitting 176 against

it that's down the right-field line into

the corner


Nationals on time

Howie Kendrick has waited three tone

more than right


they just keep coming back they sit in

the right

around third base and scores so delivers

again and it's for two national surveys

15th World Series the strikeout ends the

inning and how about Patrick Korbin one

run scores it's comes they hold what

less they'll send him as Marisnick kicks

it in center two more runs at it's six


Nationals up by four

in the money here they are one strike

away one out away three to Nationals and

world champions the first time in

franchise history