How to redeem a 16-digit Nintendo Switch Prepaid Code on the Nintendo Website

everybody how's it going my name is Leon

from no more lines so today's video will

show you how to redeem a 16 digit

prepaid digital code for the Nintendo

switch via the Nintendo switch website

so basically you can do this on your

computer or on your phone the website is

going to be e C dot slash

redeem slash hashtag and slash so it's

going to be e C dot Nintendo comm slash

redeem / hashtag slash and then and then

of course a press enter or navigate to

the URL then from there you're gonna

copy and paste in your 16 digit code the

one I'm using here is going to be a 12

month Nintendo switch online code as you

can see I'm already logged into my

account basically when you get prompted

here you're gonna basically be asked to

log into your account with your email

and password I'm gonna hit next then

from here it's going to ask you to

reenter your password so I'm gonna go

ahead and do that and then from here

basically it's going to tell you exactly

the code that you're gonna redeem good

thing about this is that this is a way

of testing the code to make sure it

works without actually having to redeem

it so this is actually a plus side to

this one thing that is of note is that

if you use a prepaid code for Nintendo

switch online it automatically prompts

you to enter in a backup payment method

because basically what's going to happen

is that it's gonna basically make you

Auto renew your subscription once it

expires now towards the bottom it

actually tells you how to to stop that

and when I was probably doing it in

another video I'm probably gonna make a

video showing you how to actually cancel

the auto renew so that way

gonna actually stop it but the high

points of that are that you have 48

hours up to 48 hours to actually do it

until it expires so for example if I

were to use this code right now which I

will I have up to 363 days are if if

today's date is December 3rd 2019 I have

up to December 1st of 2020 to go ahead

and counsel the auto-renew before I'm

being charged for it so from here of

course there are terms and conditions

for from here you're gonna press agree

and you're gonna do redeem and once you

do that you've now activated your code

and then basically you can actually

download these extra perks I'm gonna go

and do all that right now I'm going to

download all this extra stuff and then

what's going to happen is that I think

for my understanding it's gonna actually

add it to your switch if it is connected

to the internet so you'll be able to

actually download all these extra little

items so I think the thing is pretty

cool I think so yeah I guess let me know

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watching again you take care