How Do You Become Santa Claus? Santa School, Of Course! | National Geographic

now the reason why is it's important

that you learn to do this it's because

you're the most photographed people in

the world

the Charles W Howard Santa Clause school

is the world's oldest Santa Clause

school it is here to help Santa's become


the Santa Claus school teaches the

Santa's how to build that Santa spirit

in their heart what you do it's not how

far you go in life it's who you walk

with who you walk with that's nice

somewhere around five thousand Santa's

have come through the Santa school since

1986 this year we've had 200 Santa's at

Santa's school and 25% of those were

mrs. Claus's so it is something you're

behind me

yes that is mrs. Claus Karen


what hit me was that the kids won't

remember what they got for Christmas but

they're going to remember their visit

with Santa I wouldn't change a thing

with that if that natural hair is taken

care of it can look really good and so

can a real natural hair from a wig

master but you know a lot of these

fellows are from my generation the

hippie generation so they had that hair

back when they were younger so they just

bring it back it wasn't until I became

Santa Claus that I actually grew up my

DNA changed dNA stands for december nice

attitude santa jerry has fun in life so

I'm sure he has fun being Santa yeah


he's uh he's a carrot you leave your ego

in the sleigh so everyone is more heart

centered and they offer their

experiences or tricks to help you become

a better Santa because you never learn

at all I'm not worthy the simple

grasshopper here I help I pick out one

or two other rookie Santa's and give

them tips on how to be the best senator

they can be part of what I was asking

him about was the kids that are afraid

of you and how you deal with that now

they're standing

they're above you their blood pressures

would have drop learning the Santa

spirit and going through the process we

do makes you understand that there

really is a Santa Claus there's a Santa

Claus spirit and that spirit is an all

200 of these students that are here