Marcelo Gallardo (River Plate) - Managers of the Copa Libertadores


it is not just players who shine in the

copa libertadores manages to earn

plaudits and become stars in their own

right a host of managers have made their

careers in South American tournaments

then gone on to coach European or

international sides óscar tabárez won

the copa libertadores once before taking

the Uruguayan national team to the 2010

World Cup semi-finals Carlos Bilardo won

the Copa Libertadores three times before

going on to win the 1986 World Cup as

manager of Argentina Luis Felipe Scolari

won the copa libertadores twice then

helped win the 2002 world cup for brazil

but when the 17 year old Marcelo

Gallardo first stepped onto the pitch

for River Plate in 1993 nobody would

have expected him to become by 2018 one

of the clubs and South America's most

successful managers


as a central midfielder his style

technique and precision helped him to

win a host of league titles for

Argentine French and Uruguayan clubs as

a manager though Machado is in his

element with River Plate he took over

management of River Plate in 2014

bringing back previously relegated

players like carlos sanchez and rodrigo

mora he won the 2014 Copa Sudamericana

the South American equivalent of the

Europa League with River having an

incredible unbeaten run in the

competition this game to River Plate

entry to the 2015 Copa Libertadores that

was a challenging tournament I've made a

video discussing the details of rivers

win that year they went from the lowest

ranked club in the competition to the

winners gisado had brought River their

second Copa Libertadores title and

became the only River Manager to have

played in the tournament in 1996 and won

it in 2015 gisado himself showed as a

player and now shows as a manager a

remarkable ability to predict how

moments in games will unfold he

emphasises visualization and awareness

his tactics are undeniably

characteristic of South American

football on the attack he employs pace

flexibility and fluidity

in defense however he emphasizes

discipline and cohesion he ensures his

players work together and have both

great stamina and awareness with the

objective being to transition from

attack to defense rapidly and to ensure

numerical superiority in each part of

the pitch during each part of the game

he employs a variety of formations most

commonly are four four two or a four one

two three in both formations he

emphasizes wide wingers who can support

the striker or strikers either by

crossing the ball or by acting as inside

forwards who can make runs on goals

themselves the aim is a fluid attack in

the midfield he uses narrower attacking

players as advance play makers who can

find holes in opposition defense and

distribute the ball quickly to the

forwards in every formation he aims to

ensure a quick transition where needed

using box-to-box fullbacks he guarantees

overwhelming numbers in attack and

defense go shallow is that the technical

forefront of the game he has employed

neuroscientists and sports psychologists

to ensure his players are best able to

visualize the match awareness of the

game and the ability to predict what

will happen next is a key factor for

River Plate splay errs according to

casado himself these very methods help

gisado take River Plate to the 2018 Copa

Libertadores where fighting their way to

the finals they face their century-old

hated foes Boca Juniors

a matchup of immense proportions the

Copa Libertadores final as a super

classic Oh

drawing in the first leg at La Bombonera

the second leg had to be delayed

rivers more intense supporters had

attacked the baka genius team bus as it

made its way to L monumental for the

second leg so the second leg was played

at the Bern eval in Madrid the first

timer Copa Libertadores final had been

played outside South America after 90

minutes the game was won all and so

headed into extra time





Juan Quintero and Gonzalo Martinez

scored two goals in extra time to give

River the win look out the brain the

master always this was the second Copa

Libertadores title under casado as

manager and perhaps the club's most

important title to date the 2018 Copa

Libertadores drew immense attention to

Marcelo gisado and a range of plaudits

he was named the 2018 South American

coach of the year he was listed as the

second best coach in the world behind it

Barcelona's Ernesto Valverde and ahead

of such luminaries as atletico madrid


your ventus's Alegre in Liverpool's

Jurgen Klopp

today because yarrow ranks alongside his

predecessor Raimondi us as the most

successful River Plate manager of all

time although he has cost recent rumors

about a move to Europe there is no doubt

big clubs will be watching him and other

great managers in the Copa Libertadores

to help bring their teams to quarry and

so Marcelo Gallardo's achievements at

River Plate leave no doubt that South

American football and particularly the

Copa Libertadores will continue to

produce some of the finest football

managers in the world