LIVING IN NEW YORK CITY: Ultimate Times Square Tour!!

A portion of this video is sponsored by canon. What makes this city so special is

its distinct neighborhoods which themselves make up the integral parts of

New York City Times Square is a commercial intersection tourist

destination entertainment center and probably the most well known

recognizable neighborhood in New York City it's home to some of the city's

most iconic imagery including the obscene amount of lit up billboards

flagship stores infamous characters and is home to the Broadway theater district

it's also well known for being the location of the world-famous

New Year's Eve Ball Drop Times Square is contained between Broadway and 7th

Avenue from 42nd Street to 47th Street one of the world's most popular tourist

destinations it holds 50 million visitors annually on its busiest days

over four hundred and sixty thousand pedestrians will pass through Times

Square it is definitely one of the most interesting places in the city and

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score isn't necessarily a place where you would think to live but what would

this neighborhood tour be without checking out a Times Square apartment my

friends John Hill and Sarah DG just so happened to live in Times Square

and they were kind enough to let me show case how they make it work I love that

we can get crazy endorphin boost if we just skate one block down the street but

it's actually really quiet where we are when I imagine New York I imagine huge

buildings I want that energy when I step outside I

feel it and we are in a more residential area so we have great restaurants

it's very essentially located so we're close to a subway so we can get anywhere

like annoying has become a little bit of a new one and

that is why we are moving true among other things because it's expensive John

and Sarah paid three thousand and five hundred dollars per month for a

one-bedroom apartment right near Times Square it has a full kitchen with a very

rare New York City dishwasher a very spacious living area floor-to-ceiling

windows with an inspiring view of Hudson Yards and even a rooftop with incredible

views of Midtown a full tour of their Times Square Apartments is linked down

below in the description if you want to check that out continuing on with this

tour you might wake up a little groggy if you're staying in Times Square and

you forget to close those blinds because of all the bright lights in this

neighborhood they make it feel like it's daytime outside 24/7 to match your

energy here you'll need a great boost to start your day and there is no better

way to start the day than heading it to a classic New York City diner

I recommend heading to Ellen's Stardust diner for a great first step

into the chaos that is Times Square 656 in the morning this is my third time

back here trying to get a seat and the restaurant isn't even open yet but

there's a line now Ellen's is so popular that to film this video I tried three

separate times to eat here and each time there was a line down the block to give

in so finally I got here at 7 o'clock in the morning for the opening to see what

made this place so world-famous Ellen's Stardust diner is a retro 1950s themed

restaurant and it's regarded as one of the best themed restaurants in New York

City thanks to its singing waitstaff the interior of the restaurant is neon lit

with bi-level seating the diner is decorated with retro themed memorabilia

such as photos of famous actors on the walls and in some ways it feels like a

tourist best-kept secret now out of nowhere the music begins and

persons serving you your omelette begins to belt out showtunes apparently it is

nearly impossible to get hired at Ellen's without knowing someone and due

to the nature of show business you could be starring in a Tony award-winning

production one day and bussing tables the next the pure level of talent

working at Ellen's is extraordinary after breakfast my first suggestion is

just to walk around and soak in the city feel the energy of the tourists

commuters residents vendors stores restaurants and taken the day letting it

bring you wherever you end up I'm not gonna sugarcoat this in any way Times

Square it's very loud and it kind of smells like a toilet but that's why

people come to Times Square for an experience that is so specifically

unique to this area that you can't find this anywhere else in the entire world

you'll definitely run into some interesting people and characters in

Times Square just remember that if you are going to take a photo or interact

they're expecting a tip and return after all this is New York and nothing is free

and after you've gotten yourself acquainted with the area it's time to

get some lunch there's two routes you can go here chances are that your

favorite fast-food restaurant has a larger-than-life mega version here like

this massive McDonald's here which is quick and could be kind of fun to

explore or you could head to Joe's pizza for a slice Times Square isn't

necessarily known to have the best restaurants in the city but Joe's is

actually one of the best pizza spots in town for locals tourists and it even has

the celebrity step of Pizza approval from the likes of Leo and Bradley Cooper

one of these and then one of the mushroom

yes please yes sir thank you now Jose is quality pizza pie and it's a few notches

above your typical dollar slice joint it's not the healthiest but you can't

really go wrong with a couple of slices that you can easily walk off after lunch

there's a ton of options for how to spend at the rest of your day

you can visit Ripley's Believe It or Not 42nd and 8th Avenue and if you don't

happen to run into your favorite celebrity on the streets you can always

pop into the wax museum and get a pretty lifelike selfie with Angelina or jenna

Marbles or you could visit one of the massive flagship stores and do some

shopping you walk in here and it instantly smells like milk chocolate

it's just overwhelming it's gonna be a pretty memorable day with tons of things

to do and see and you're gonna want to capture these memories with a camera and

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the entire city comment down below which neighborhood you want me to tour next

and with that I will see you in the next video

let's go