What do you get in a Pura Vida package? REVIEW


hey guys it's Skye welcome or welcome

back to my Channel today I'm going to be

unboxing my package from fear of ADA

bracelets and I'm so excited I found out

about pura vida' through Instagram ads

and at first I just always scrolled by

them like everyone does with Instagram

ads because I was like I am NOT looking

to spend money while I'm just trying to

chill on Instagram you know but finally

I just couldn't resist how pretty the

bracelets and everything is and I just I

literally couldn't keep scrolling past I

decided to check them out and I really

liked what I found they were founded in

Costa Rica which i think is amazing in

her based in Southern California which

is my favorite place in the world also

started for my hair I like just went on

a walk outside it's really cold and my

hair look really bad and I think I just

made it look worse by putting in a

ponytail but oh well there found it in

Costa Rica and also every bracelet is

handmade which I thought was really cool

well I guess we're just going to open

this up I love little logo to pura vida

means Pure Life in Spanish and I'm also

super into Spanish culture so basically

this brand just really called out to me

and I was like yes I'm just going to

open us up oh my gosh this is such a

cute little box - I don't know why I

just really like square boxes I don't

know how to open it which well I can't

open this I just realized my glasses

were probably like giving you like like

6 vibes well I was wearing that so

that's kind of awkward oh it opens like

a normal box I just didn't notice

because there is a sticker of it oh my

gosh this looks super cute already

so excited so these were the

buy-one-get-one-free things I got and

then I also got a few other things so I

got this super cute bag oh my gosh

so it's basically like a shoulder bag

something your spell I don't know how to

show this good on camera but it's like a

shoulder everything's just falling a

shoulder bag with like this super cute

like brown and white and pink string

flying down there this is gonna be so

cute in the spring and summer

it's just basically a little purse then

on the inside it says this is so cute oh

my gosh I need to make sure you guys see

this on the inside of the bag it says we

love faraway places blue waters ocean

air sun-drenched a sandy toes summer

breezes n ux0 pura-vida that is adorable

this is the thing I bought and then I

got the bag free I love this box

I don't know everything says found it at

Costa Rica

each purchase helps provide full-time

jobs for artisan artisans I'm kind of

embarrassed I don't know how to

pronounce that because every bracelet

and everything is handmade

okay so here it is is the evil eye

necklace and I love this so much this is

not my dog is crying one second and this

is not usually something I would buy

like my style but my style has been

changing so much lately and I just

really loved this I'm gonna take it out

of here whoops yeah okay as you can see

it is like a perfect link and it has

this little charm what is this

oh it says pura vida oh my gosh I'm

obsessed okay so the next things I got

were there was an option when you check

out to add mystery bracelets for only $4

each where they are anywhere from like

six to

I can't remember how much they were on

their website like six dollar ones and

then I think there's like something up

there like $20 but I got these ones for

four because I chose the mystery

bracelet option at checkout so I got two

of them there in these cute little bags

there was also a mystery ring option but

I wasn't working for me for some reason

I don't know if that's a glitch and

their website are just my computer but

it didn't work for me I also didn't know

my ring size so when I haven't done much

good oh my gosh this is so cool I got a

colorful one hmm I don't know it when

this called but it's like rainbow colors

again it has a little curvy touch charm

and it feels like a waxy like I love

that feeling I'm pretty sure this are

the exact same yeah they are okay so I

got two of the exact same mystery

bracelet but that's okay because they

look super cute layered up just like a

thicker bracelet I'm so excited to wear

these I definitely think the mystery

bracelet option at checkout is a very

good idea and the last thing that came

in my package I think they give this

free with every package I'm not sure but

I think so basically it's a sticker pack

and I I will actually like use this a

lot because if you can't tell by the

background I love well I guess you can't

actually because there's books but I

love journaling my journals are doing

here and I love decorating them with

cute stickers pyramid of stickers

this is so cute it's a little book so

this is our story it's just a little a

little card about them here are the

stickers there's like this little scuba

diver it's flower this says locals only

pura vida a sea turtle surfboards I love

these so much and there's also the Pura

Vida one I already showed you so this is

everything I got from pura vida for a

very great price I'm really happy i

definitely recommend pura vida right now

I'm probably going to become a returning

customer and probably throw all of my

money at them

but it's a worth it and it's for a good

cause thank you guys so much for

watching this video

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