Dropbox Hints: How to Enable the "Public" Folder in Dropbox

hey YouTube Tech intimidation here with

another quick tip this time we're going

to talk about how to enable a feature

that used to be available by default

with Dropbox but is no longer available

that feature is the public folder and a

public folder was nice because it

enabled you to share links and you

didn't have to be online to share them

and a whole bunch of other info which

we're going to take a look at right now

and what you need to do to find it is go

to this link right here which is Dropbox

comm slash enable public folder and I

think you need to be logged into Dropbox

first so make sure you do that so when

you go there all you have to do is click

this button and that will enable your

public folder and I'll show you the

features of that at the top you can see

now your public folder is now enabled

your existing public folder I had one in

there is now named public old and here's

some info about how to use it so what it

does the public folder lets you easily

share single files any file that you put

inside this public folder get its own

link that you can email or share with

others even people that don't even use

Dropbox so so if you have friends or non

tech-savvy friends or whatever that do

not have a Dropbox account you can send

them this link and they can download

that file and they don't even need to

have a Dropbox account so all you have

to do to make that happen is go into

your Dropbox folder and right click on a

file so let's put something in here like

this one that's already in here copy

public link and nothing's going to

happen all it's going to do is give me

this link and I'm just going to copy it

you can either click command C or

control C on a Windows machine or click

this copy to clipboard link and now I

have this link that I can send to my

friends let's just send it to myself

Tech intimidation

in Gmail and say download this link and

you paste that in and send it and what

they get is just a link and if they

don't know how to download just a linked

file or if they have any trouble just

tell them that they all they have to do

is right-click or control click on a Mac

and choose Save Link As to download it

and that's it that's how to re-enable

the public folder in your Dropbox

account please leave a comment if you

have any questions or subscribe for more

quick tips from Tech intimidation thanks