Dropbox File Sharing - What You Need to Know!

Steve dotto here how the heck you doing

this fine day

me I'm feeling that the beard has gotten

pretty long and I'm feeling some

judgment coming from the other side of

the YouTube screen to see him today on

dottotech you and I are gonna discuss

dropbox sharing and I had one of those

moments this week where I didn't know

how to do something in Dropbox had to

figure it out maybe I knew it before but

forgot it and maybe you know how to do

this but you might have forgotten it as

well we're gonna talk about all aspects

of Dropbox file sharing today on

dottotech so here is the story I'm

working on a project with a designer a

video designer and we're using Dropbox

to send files back and forth now I've

been sending her files just as with

normal links for a while but then we

wanted to set up a folder so she could

drop files for me to check and we both

kind of went how do you do that and we

had to kind of work our way through it

so my thanks to Liz for reminding me of

this process and this is the thing that

I think I forgot and you might not even

know about so let's take a look sharing

files in Dropbox is pretty simple we all

you know most of us have done it in the

past and it is a very very simple way to

do things if just from the Dropbox menu

right on your computer if you've got

Dropbox installed on your PC or your Mac

you can choose any any file or any

folder if you right-click your mouse or

option-click you can go in and you can

copy the Dropbox link which allows you

to send that link to somebody so that

you can share that file with them that

is Dropbox 101 basic most simple way to

use Dropbox you can also if you choose

and you are in Dropbox on the web you've

got your Dropbox account open you can

choose any of those any folder or any

file and by clicking on the share tool

here on the side you can choose to share

it directly with people creating links

and you can set up whether or not they

can edit the file or they can view the

file now what's the difference well if

you were say setting up a

that somebody was going to be using a

form that they're gonna be using over

and over again you might set it up so

that people can just view it so they

can't edit the original

if they can view it they can download it

they can modify it however they want and

then they can and save it to their local

computer whereas if you allow them to

edit it it's like you're working on a

collaborative document and they can

actually go in and make changes to it so

you want to be very careful to make sure

you have those parameters set up

properly and in fact if you're looking

at editing most forms of documents

certainly any word processing document

far better than allowing them to edit

the document right here within Dropbox

is to start using Dropbox paper which we

have done a video on which I am

absolutely enamored with I think Dropbox

paper and awesome collaborative editing

tool having said that let's now discuss

the situation which I was talking about

which is allowing somebody else to

upload a file into my Dropbox folder and

it turns out it's pretty easy to do but

it's a little bit LeBron thean kind of

walking through all of the different

steps so let me show you how we do that

in Dropbox on the web in their web

client you find this thing called a file

request I don't think it's particularly

well named do you know but if you click

on file requests it allows you to set up

in a scenario where you're requesting a

file from somebody else now the

interesting thing is that you'd set up a

file request but then you can determine

which folder or where it's going to be

stored in your Dropbox account they you

really don't see any of the hierarchy of

your Dropbox account so here's how it

happens you click on request file and

this is my file I need there we go my

file I need so this is what they're

going to see is this title I can

determine actually within my Dropbox

hierarchy where that is going to live so

for example the project that I'm working

on with Liz is I actually set up a

little thing here called Liz digital

assets which is where I have all of the

files from Liz go so I can click on that

and choose that but just because I've

done that doesn't mean that Liz gets to

see where it goes no no no I go next now

I can choose an email address to send

the link

or I can copy this link and I can use it

and just email it to somebody so you can

send other people that even people I

don't have Dropbox the ability to drop

something in your in your and your

Dropbox folder and this is what it looks

like when they get it watch this it's

way cool this is what the link looks

like now even though it's going into the

digital assets from Liz this is what she

sees when I send to the email I need a

file and then all they have to do is

they have to choose it from their

computer if they don't have a Dropbox

account or if it's on their computer or

they can choose it from Dropbox if they

do have Dropbox

isn't that awesome and then that file is

automatically dropped into the correct

folder for you so this creates some

really nice workflow as far as a file

sharing board back and forth certainly

for graphics type projects or video

projects like we're working on a year

this is ideal for her to upload test

files or samples or final copy for me to

work with I really like this and I don't

know why I forgot about it but I did

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