How to Access Your Dropbox Shared Folder

hello this is Freddy Vasquez with web

for retail and today I'm going to show

you how to access your new Dropbox

shared folder it's very easy first thing

you need to do is go to and

either sign in or sign up for an account

if you're going to sign up for a new

account please use the email address you

provided to web for retail using any

other email address and we will not be

able to send you the correct link I'm

going to go ahead and sign in okay now

that I know I'm signed in I'm going to

access the email I received letting me

know I had a shared folder waiting for

me here's my email client I'm gonna go

ahead and click on the view folder


okay now you should see a pop-up letting

me know that Denise invited me to the W

fo r DB video share folder I'm going to

click on accept here the little green

lets me know I just joined the shared

folder so I can go ahead and close out

this window and here's the folder now

adding files to this folder is very easy

I'm gonna go ahead and click on the

folder and there's two ways to do this I

can drag the file just like this and let

that load up or I can go ahead and use

an upload button right here I'm going to

use the basic uploader and I'm going to

go ahead and choose a file cover to

click on open and it's uploaded and

that's it that's how easy it is if you

need any more help please contact us at

web for retail comm