How to setup personalised paypal link instead of paypal email 2020


in this video tutorial we will learn how

to create PayPal dot me if you are a

linked PayPal dot me will allow users to

get paid through a customized URL like

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updates with PayPal dot me link you need

not share your paypal email address for

payment you can share your PayPal link

to your clients they can remit the

payment through the customized you are a

link so let me show you how to create

PayPal dot me link go to

taught me link button here next login

with your valid PayPal account you'll

need a PayPal account to create your

PayPal me link if you don't have one

already you can open a regular PayPal

account and login

next create your profile on PayPal dot


upload a profile picture of yours or

your brand or local here from your

computer next you need to enter your

custom link here type in a name that is

relatable to you like your name or your

business or brand name

this is how your paper link will be

visible to your clients when you share

your link to them here agree to the

terms conditions and privacy statement

and done your PayPal link is created and

ready to be shared among your clients

when receiving payments for services

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