How to Change My Contact Information in PayPal : Keeping Up With Technology

hi this is Jane Ratliff with blue hair

technology group and today I'm going to

show you how you can change your profile

information on PayPal now I have a

business account and you may have a

personal account so some of the things

may look a little different but in

theory everything's pretty much the same

as far as where you're going to go to in

your PayPal so I've already logged in

I've logged into PayPal comm I put my

username in and I put my password in so

I've done all that and I'm currently at

the overview screen that says my account

so when you look at my account there's

many there's several headings across the

top overview ad money

withdraw history resolution Center and

profile we're going to click on profile

because we want to change our profile

and if I highlight profile you'll see

that mine says my business info yours

might say my personal info but I'm

actually going to click on that because

that's what I want to change so when I

click on my business info you'll see

that all of the business info that I've

already registered with PayPal is in

there my name which I can over here on

the right-hand side if you wanted to

change the name you can change it if you

wanted to change or update your email

you would update you just click update

if you wanted to change the address

you'd click address update phone number

password any of that information that

you want to change can all be found in

the profile section of PayPal again once

you've logged in with your username and

password so it's very simple to do I'm

Jane Ratliff with blue hair technology

and that is how you update your personal

information on PayPal