Matthew Dowling • How To Add A Photo To PayPal

hey everybody welcome to Matthew Dowling

calm Matthew Dowling here in this video

I'm going to show you how to add a

picture or an avatar to your PayPal

profile this is a great way for people

to know that it's you and send you money

direct it will also help you create a

stronger online presence as well as give

you a more polished brand so hopefully

you'll be able to use this it's a free

all this is free we love free so go

ahead and let's walk you through

alright guys let's show you how to add a

photo to your PayPal page notice I have

a custom URL okay now you want to go to

google play download the PayPal app to

your phone open your PayPal app sign in

click the photo spot

click view photos and pick where you

want to choose your photo from and go

ahead and scan through find a good photo

that you want to use this is gonna be

great for brand recognition maybe you're

at a restaurant and click done once you

add it you can move the photo around

with your thumb to adjust it to the

right to the left up down Center it

however you want again this is great see

it updates instantly and that's how easy

it is now I'm gonna switch it back this

is great if you're at a restaurant and

you want to use PayPal to pay for dinner

and the waiter your server can just see

that that's you and it eliminates any

guesswork there it's also a great way to

look more polished with your branding

and with your clients maybe your

personal trainer

maybe your consultant I do a lot of

consulting work with the studios and for

scripts and things and I want people to

be able to pay me and send me money

maybe one of my advertisers for my site

that's the point to it you want to make

it as easy as possible for people to be

able to send you money now I switched it

back click done I looked all over the

internet I could not find out how to do

this anywhere and you just have to have

the app on your phone like Instagram and

so there you go now if you want you can

go and watch my video on how to create

your custom URL for your PayPal profile

this is your own page for PayPal dot me

slash your name alright there you go you

added your picture it's never been

easier thank you for watching my video

I'm Matthew Dowling if you

haven't seen my other video on how to

set up your custom URL page go ahead and

watch that video - both of these are

very powerful tools and they're both

free and and these are great for

entrepreneur creating your online

presence or furthering that or

strengthening it just you know generally

being more polished