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The holy hymn taught by my Father.

One night

My father taught me the most valuable principle of my life.

On a Raging Battlefield

Fear is the biggest burden

Fearlessness is the biggest Weapon.

“Remember, Don't think about, why you were born in this ruthless World."

"Make sure to stand your ground, and do not let your weapon fall"

Nooooo... Please don’t!!! STOP!!

That was the last day I saw my Father


I will let the dogs and crows scavenge the flesh of your dead father..

There won’t be any burial today!!!

I have never said no to anything my son has asked,

Don't do this!!! Mutya let it go !!!



A debt was still pending

I went to give Bala my word to repay his debt.


Agasthya, do you need anything??

No, YOU let me know if you need anything

I will be there.

No one will come to help you, but if you find some one who does, do not die until you have repaid him.

Have the tollerance of like Lord Vishnu,

but never forget the anger of Lord Narasimha!!

His gruesome and horrific acts made him the most feared DON in the underworld, he is Shivarudra Lingaiah alias Mante Rudra.

He agreed to take a huge smuggling deal.

When he approached Prabhakar, owner of a shipping company with this deal, Prabhakar rejected it.

Angered by rejection, Shivarudra Lingaiah killed Prabhakar's Wife.

When Shivarudra Lingaiah threatened to kill Prabhakar's baby, he agrees to the deal due to his helplessness.

Behind him agreeing to the deal was a hidden agenda to take revenge.

The Ship from Dubai which was carrying the smuggling goods was stopped on its way. Prabhakar unloaded 90% of the goods to another of his ship. He sold this goods to a third party and fled abroad with his daughter.

Here Shivarudra Lingaiah was eagerly waiting for the delivery his smuggled goods.

Shivarudra lingaiah continued his illegal activities from inside the jail through his SON and became more powerful.

Prabhakar feared day and night, that the beautiful world he is building for his loving daughter might one day get destroyed and burnt into ashes..

Though years passed, Shivarudralingaiah's greed for vengeance never faded..



Anoop Sira



Sir, The Information is correct, Prabhakar is still in Australia.

Where is he??

Caller on phone : He's living a rich lifestyle in Sydney

I will snatch everything he has!!

Caller on phone : Another important news, His daughter is coming to INDIA sir..

WHATTT??? Prabhakar is sending his daughter to INDIA????

Caller on phone : I have hacked the wifi system at their house, There's a flight ticket confirmed in her mail box for tomorrow, Sydney->Singapore->Bangalore

She is leaving.

She got down from the airport taxi and is boarding a private car to go out off the city

She's going to Thalagvara to see her mother's grave.

Don't kill her so easily.


should be very cruel !


Shivarudra's vengeance has begun

Remember.. Your daughter's nail polish is pink in colour You will not be able identify your daughter by her face!!!

Hello Uncle!!!

How could you let her come here???

She somehow managed to go.

I had asked you to tell her the whole story.

You are the only one who can help in this situation!!

I do not have the courage or power to face them alone.

You spoke to me about a Guy


There's no time to think Vishwa. Nobody would step forward in this situtaion

Okay, give me the number from which Nithya called you!!

Agasthya!! you need to rush to Thalagwara right now

Hey, get out!!

Wait!! What's the hurry??

Are you Nithya???

Found her. No problem, she is fine. Don't worry I will bring her back.

Oye - What do you want?

Masala soda with a little less masala.

Ohhh!!! You have come to save her?

I came on a bike, is that okay with you?

You are still a kid

you won't understand all this.

Better leave this to the men in the room, we will take care of her. Leave, leave!!

What are you searching??

I thought you said there are some men here.

I think he woke up on the wrong side of his bed. He has come here to get beaten up by us.

Do you really dare to take her away while I'm here???

Go on ..... take her ... take her .. take her !!

Where the hell did he go?? Roll up the shutter..

Vote for Shivarudra Lingayya Vote for Shivarudra Lingayya

Ya .. tell me ……….Ha ????

Boss ….. Kala

Eey - Kala

I'll tell you in a simple manner

The way I sent you to kill that girl.. I will send someone else to kill you.

If Shivarudralingayya wins this by-election happening in Sira, he will be given a cabinet post for sure.

They will be searching for her everywhere.

She cannot leave India without her passport.

Did you see the bike number ??

We could not see the number completely boss, but it's a 100% 07 registration number.

Useless People!!!

They would have made sure that she doesn't approach the Australian Embassy.

Yes Sir, your associate is here. Don't worry, we will do as you say sir.

Puttaiah (disconnecting the call) Sir …

Fax this profile to the Australian embassy in Delhi.. Send them information that she has been indicted for murder.

OK Sir

Because of the case registered on Prabhakar uncle's shipping company

There is a fear of her getting arrested here!!!

Hey !! Stop the Car

Nitya should not contact her father at any cost

I owe this to Prabhakar Uncle for all the favors he has done to me.

Until we send her back, I want her to be with you

07 is a Kolar registered Vehicle right ?

Let's say, if this girl had called him through this STD, Could he reach Talagavar from Bangalore in 30 mins ??


What are you thinking about?

Thinking what story should I tell mom about this girl!!!

But he can come to Thalagvar from Kolar in 30 mins right??

Yes he can!!

Caller :: Thanks, I'll call you back again

Nanda, get down here and go to Kolar

A guy called Narasimha will meet you, search the girl with his team

I should have not come here … This is a very bad place.

Its just been one day and you think you already know everything about this country???

I should have listened to my father.

Have I harmed anyone??

Why are they after me without any reason??

Is everybody in this country like this??

I hate INDIA

I thought it was a very colorful place.

I think our flag made you think that way.

Now let's go home!!

Everybody in this country are not the same.

Greetings Sir

We have done everything possible for you to contest in this election.

8000 people in Sira were waiting to listen to your speech, you are here worrying over some girl???

Some Girl???

She is not some girl.

Her death is a retribution

I have been waiting for this for 20 years.

your Election will return again after 5 years.

OK father; No matter where she is, I will find her for you.

My Fathers stubbornness should not affect the election..


My mother should not know about this incident.

If she gets to know, she won't let you in.

Don't ask me why.

Tell her that you have come seeking for a maid job

and I have brought you here.

Did you understand ? ? ?

Nod your head the same way for whatever they ask.

One more thing

2 of my naughty cousins are staying in the house. Be a little cautious of them.

What is your name dear??


Have you worked before ?


You know how to do all the household work right??


Can you cook good tasty food?


First wash the clothes, then the vessels, later clean the house and then mop the floors.

You should get up early morning and clean the house entrance and should draw rangoli. Ok?? Yes..

You should drop all the glass items and break it.


No .. No …

I don't feel like saying no to you since Agastya has brought you here.

OK, you can stay here and work

Wait mother

We have not yet decided the salary

How much should we pay you …??

aah … One lakh is enough


One Thousand

Please be careful the next time you say something like that, some of us have weak hearts.

Enough !! OK now get in and sleep let's talk in the morning.



There is something fishy here Ya ...

Keep an eye on that girl

You said you have worked before, which city??

Sydneyyyyy…………pura !!

That's the town next to Thyamgondlu isn't it?

Next to Chikbandepur isn't it???

Right ??


I've never worked before in my life.

I don't know how to do any of the housework.

I will gladly learn all of it

if its not too much trouble ..

will you teach me?

Banyan tree has produced pumpkin

Oh … is it? Come I will show you

This vegetable is so lengthy right

Go and get a couple of ridge gourd from the store room

Ridge Gourd???

Yes, for the vegetable curry. Go and get it fast.

Mother has told me to bring the Ridge gourd

It's in the store room..

you don't know what Ridge gourd is right??

What is this?


This one?


This is beans … Spinach, Onion, Potato, Cauliflower, Pumpkin, Cucumber, Corn, Tom


I know tomato very well.

they put tomato sauce on pizza. I looooove pizza.


ey .. how long will you take to get the vegetable .. the oil is getting burnt out here.

Oohh! Just miss

Oohh ! S*** man

Pan fry mustard, pepper, dal, jeera and grind them to a fine powder.

Put lot of coriander leaves, curry leaves, tomato and use less of ginger and garlic and cook it. I will take a bath and come back

To cook what???

Hmm .. what else will you cook using this ingridents ? Rasam!

Excuse me

Will you teach me how to prepare rasam.

What are you doing here?

You should have not come .....

Tomato, Coriander leaves, schhuu

Wow, raddish sambar

Ridge gourd fry

Ragi ball

We will sleep well


Rice, A very good smell is coming what is this - Humm?

Malla ?

What is this?


Seena go and get Rasam from the Military Hotel

Rasam is very good

Yess it is famous in Military hotel.


I came here knowing that you will track my arrival…

We know why you have come here.

The fear in your breath satisfies me so much. After 20 long years I will sleep peacefully today

You have come back to die all by yourself, if I kill you, that won't satisfy me.

You care for your daughter so much, that to protect her you have come back without the fear of your death,

then the death of your daughter will be the last resolution to my vengeance..

No.... No... No...

Don't buy vegetables from any store, specifically go to the farmers market and get fresh vegetables

Because of over population people are not finding any seats on Bus & Train therefore have to travel by flight and here you are happily explaining and distributing sweets for having a third child,

you bloody sinner, have a fourth child too. They will help carry your body to the burial ground when you die

Hey, your son resembles you is it?? Who else would he resemble other than you idiot?? ME?? Bloody people made their wives a photocopy machine.

This guy started with his usual nit picking


You bloody fool!!!

Sir, it's been three days since I've eaten anything. Please give me something to eat

You haven't eaten for 3 days and you are like this. What if you really eat, ha… get out

Now a day you aren't lifting up my Kall (leg), I called you many times but you are not picking up my Kall (leg).

Yeh .. Yeh ..First Learn to bloody talk properly. Its call not Kall (leg in kannada)

Hey old lady

Why are you spreading the news that there are worms in the brinjal at my store. What do you think, You will find a gold ring instead of worms in brinjal??

You look like an old corporation building, which might fall to ground anytime soon. Why do you still need to poke your nose in other's business???? If I see you once again in this market. Then …


I am here to buy vegetables.

Good job done by coming straight to the market, NOW TELL ME WHAT YOU WANT???

Do you have a little better Spinach???


Do you have tomatoes, which are more red.

Give it to me, I will paint it red.

Is there a bigger cucumber???

That's an Ivy Gourd, keep it back.

Haa, can you give any sort of discount

You think you're my family and I'll give it for free?

Have you weighed everything properly?


Haa .. not like that

Haa … Haa … DARE YOU..


Caller : Darling what shall I send for lunch?


Caller : Cow dung or Buffalo dung???

Taste both of them and send the one you like honey!!

**Local song eve teasing**

Wow, a beautiful rose is coming our way guys!!

And there comes the thorn along with it!!

Mom asked me to bring vegetables

Inform me before you want to go out!! Mom asked me to bring vegetables

Inform me before you want to go out!!

My father taught me my mother tongue, but he hated the country so much.

I lied to him and came here against his wish

Is everything ready for your Spain trip??

Everything is ready

Just need to book my ticket

I need your credit card.

I don't remember seeing my mother,

at-least I wanted to see this land where she was buried.

I don't have anyone in this new world

looks like everything is against me.

Except you!!!

I have no idea why you are helping me so much,


when you're next to me.

everything seems alright

Home Minister's Residence *

I have got reports from SIRA

Seems like the campaign is not happening as expected.

The reason I am sitting in this office today is only because of Rudra.

For that obligation

I went against the party people and got him the election ticket this time.

I do not wish to lose control over Sira.

I'm not sure how many days I would still be in power

I think this is the last chance for you.


we are searching boss

searching the whole of Bangalore

we'll find her.

Even after coming to India, he has not contacted me

then I'm sure Prabhakar uncle is with them.

Do I look like a Tabala?

both Father and son are ramming me from both sides.

Thinking Nitya is in Bangalore, they will search for her there

But soon they will come here!!

Where is this Nanda???

It is a big city brother, they are searching!!

Definitely they will come here today or tomorrow..

You stop them the first time, they will come for the second time, stop them the second time they will come third time.

Do you know how operate a gas welder??

No, Boss

Even I don't know, it's okay.

They will come over and over again, they WILL keep coming until they find her..

Nanda, search mechanic shops, welding shops every damn thing.

I am really getting worried

He is a Mechanic!!

Wondering what you will do to them!!!

Is it him???



No not him

Not even him

How many bloody garages in Kolar, I'm tired of searching..

Another 4 or 5 are left boss.

Ask who the mechanic is over here.

Its okay, No need.



I told you right. The girl is a bombshell..

If girl is a little good looking, even mechanics like you become heroes??

Because of gasbags like you who fall behind girls, heroes have learnt to fix punctures.

Don't!! Go!! Go do your business, go tighten some bolts and nuts.


aaah .. Agasthya


Why is everybody standing so silently?

Somebody ??

Leave me!!

Anyone, please help her



They'll think that we're only fit to get a girl back

if we take his body too, we will be respected.

(Calls name) Gooli, Manja

Agastya swear on me and promise me that you will leave everything this instant

For this reason

Promise that you will not go against my wishes.

Only for this one reason

I will take him far away from this place

Either fold your hands and beg or beat them up

Agasthya Promise Me

But go and rescue that girl

You have no idea who we are.

It's not possible for you to save her.

Leave her!!

It's too sunny, you will get tanned

The line is drawn

The circle has been made.

everything inside it is


Our men are ready, order us and we'll leave immediately.

Take as many men as you want, but I HAVE to see his dead body along with her body.

No need to send anybody


I am very eager to see him dead too, I have ordered people from out of town to come.

No one can do this job better than these people

She has not stepped out of her room since morning, Haven't eaten anything either. Poor girl might be frightened.


Which one is better???

Thinking of visiting mom's tomb today.


can you suggest a good place for outing in Kolar

Listen Nitya

We don't even know what they might do to you.

I know the present situation

I know I am not in a position to demand anything.

Don't need

I won't ask you anything

But just one wish

I wish to see my mom's tomb.

just once

If you feel you will get into a lot of trouble because of it

Tell me

I will stay quiet here

and obey your orders.

Keep this with you - just in case. You still wish to see your mother right??

I am going to see my mother for the first time.

Am I looking good??

Yes, You are so Beautiful...It Makes My Heart Hurt

Thank you

Run ……Now …

Hey …. Drag and bring her to me.

Kaala's men are here and they have already started

Where are you???

I am hiding under some cart

What else do you see??

There is some kind of berry.

Haven't seen this before

small and green

like a small pumpkin.

Is this all you have??

There is more in the Cart

Where is your cart?

We call this nellikai(gooseberry). It is very tasty with salt and chilly powder.

You do not have to fear anymore

Ask me anywhere you want to go

I'll take you there


Aey Shivu

where are all of you??

who are you - who are you?

Till Now, I have beaten your men with control.

If you trouble her again, i wont restrain myself.


Thank you

You guys like look like Dushyanta and Shakuntala together!!


He is my grandson Sunil.

He is a Software engineer in America.

Come to India in search of a good bride.

Drama has started.

Nothing grandma

That's what I wish for you my dear

A boy from America should come.

hold these soft little hands

take you on a flight

And keep you in his palace.

Don't wish for that bad omen..

I neither need a soft person nor a software engineer

a daily wage worker who's rough n tough

if he has a soft heart it is enough for me.

I won't expect him to take me on a flight

even if he takes me on a bike

I just need him to take me the place I want to go.

No need of a palace

Its heavy maintenance

If holds an umbrella over my head when it rains, That will be enough.

I just need him to look into my eyes n protect me at all times..

Who are you buddy??

Just the way Sun is the biggest for the entire solar system ..

This kitty is also the biggest to this Kolar System!!!

Okay !! Tell me why have you come here???

He told me there is a foreign halwa (sweet) here in this house


Veeresha told me about a girl who stays here whoo is prettier than our English teacher. That's the reason I'm here to take a look at her.

My whole life I kept hearing that there is gold in Kolar.

This is the first time I have seen it!!

Yeh, you little brute, go home!!

Wait here I'll be back with my area gang.

They are all the same size as you right?

Caps, ribbons, tshirts, banners, flexes, vehicles have started from Tumkur. We will start distributing from tomorrow itself.

(village names) for barguru, malangi, lingadalli, kallambella, bhuvanahalli, yeliyur campaigning vehicle and mike set has been sent

we are getting good co-operation from panchayat leaders

canvassing is also doing well.

But without the candidate…?

As soon as Dad recovers I will send him to Sira

But till then the campaigning should not stop

Okay, we will make sure.

We found Venkat!!

He is in Veerapillai estate in Shivajinagar.

Excuse me

Mother asked me to borrow a cup of sugar

Take this

Come here

Finally we are vacating the house

All these days we were living in this house without any other choice

I wanted to tell you about him before

About whom?

About Agastya

I don't know why you here?

But be careful dear

Did you get it?

Neighbour lady...

Oh, you want to bring sugar from that neighbour Sharada

Coming out of the house itself is a big issue for them why did you go to her?

Alright Go give tea to Agastya

tell him sugar is little less.


Constables have come.

He came here four days ago.

He has been like this since then.

I want to ask you a few things about Agastya

People are talking amongst themselves

You don't know about him

They are speaking all sorts of stuff about Agasthya..

He is a Demon

It seems he has killed a few people too

What you are saying?

Was he a Gangster?

Don't interfere in his business.

People say that he is cruel animal

Stay Away from him.

Is he such a cruel monster as everybody say???

That girl…

You cannot get that girl from him. It is Impossible!

It's all lies - What you have heard is all a lie. Agastya is not dangerous.

He is very dangerous Man.

He has not just killed a few people

He has killed many people

He was not an ordinary Gangster

But not a cruel animal.

Would you like to listen to his story???

Five hundred miles away from here

There is place called Mughor. In that land of Monster's, where history was written in blood, Agasthyas chapter is the biggest.

A problem had emerged in the underworld.

All the Gangsters wanted a safe place like Dubai in India too.

Dasanna came up with a master plan - Every ones sight fell on the province of Mughor.

Cleverly they started developing the downtrodden province & slowly attracted the villagers and gave route to a new civilized society.

Bound to the debt of development, the people slowly started supportting these men, who took advantage to convert Mughor into an independent state and created a revolution.

The riots and strikes shook the Government.

Some well wishers and experts of the cabinet in the state government, knew the intentions of this revolution and safeguarded the Government by officially declaring Mughor as DEAD ZONE, avoiding interference with any sort of activities from this region.

Mughor was covered with darkness

A new civilization was born.

There was no end for greed As Mughor controlled India, Everybody wanted to control Mughor.

People started killing each other and went on to controll their areas and operations.

(Hindi) What can I do Brother?


I dare him to step into our area..

It became Mughors law.

Mughor became a battle field.

They started recruiting local boys into their gangs

At that point in Mughor, an ounce of ruthless bravery was more valuable than a 100 kgs of gold.

Agastya - do you need anything

No, YOU let me know if you need anything, I will be there.

Bala was operating a small gang.

He came to recruit Agasthya into this group..

Ghora, very close to me

Nayaz, he talks less but works more.


my brother. You know right??

Though his gang was small

Bala's ambitions were big.

First come the big sharks

Fearing the sharks are the big fish who work under them.

Beneath them are us, small fish.

We had 3 areas in our control,

But after Bala's father passed away

Venkat conquered Koppa

Theetni Muruga made the temple street as his smuggling dock.

Instead of waiting, beg at the feet of Sadananda Shetty and have him call me, I will release your boy, now go.

Desperate to defend the only remaining area Thilakwadi

We surrendered to Sadananda Shetty without any choice.

If we don't bow our heads,

we will be beheaded.

We should let go of our ego and work for only the profit.

That is Shahaji

He drags away any girl he wants and makes them his wife for as long as he want.

There is no difference between those poor girls and us.

Who will take care of me?

He just entered underworld last week

They already killed him.

Bala came to meet you? How is he??

He came asking for help

Namaskar, Sir!!

Wonder what trouble he is in?

You know what I wish for?

Help him no matter what he asks for!!

These kind of people should salute me one day

Now I have a requirement for boys in my gang.

I know you don't like any of this, but I really need your help

think about it n let me know

You recruited this, Agasthya.

Is it for friendship or is he of any work?

Instead of recruiting 10 men with just moustaches.

Its better to recruit one who is fearless.

Agastya is like a piece coal

Difficult to ignite coal

but once it's on fire

It WILL not stop till it turns to ashes..

In Mughor you will find lot of people to help ignite this coal.

What are you staring at???

His father used to make me wait outside , let him also wait.

Sir will quickly get your table ready.

Hey.. get up the boss has come.




It seems Bala has become really weak


It seems nowadays he's serving Sadanand Shetty.


Sadanand Shetty's son

He always torments Bala.

Boss.. Govindu!!


Move to the side!!

We have to leave Ego and work only for profit.

The one who killed your father!!

If he wanted vengeance for his father's death..

he would have entered the underworld long back.

He could not even kill his father's murderer

what will he do for you???

Who will ignite this coal???

Was Bala's biggest question

Shahaji.. he has come to Tilakwadi

Good evening Sir

So are you Sadanand Shetty's dogs??

Don't you know, you should not hide nice goods away from my sight???

I will snatch Tilakwadi also from you!!!

Sir, I haven't hidden anything from you.

Ask anything you want, I will give it to you.

You don't need to get me anything ..

I will take What I want.

You just fold your hands and stand in the side.

Hey, Are you deaf, FOLD YOUR HANDS!!


Shut up, move


Boss, its better to have the food when it is hot!!

God, god, god, god, god, god

Let me go!!

Fearlessness is the biggest Weapon

Have patience like Lord Vishnu

but never forget the anger of Lord Narasimha!!

Are you going to wait for him to come down to help you

or should i do something?


No one knows if it was the harassment,

or his hatred towards Mughor,

or the word given to his mom

or Bala's debt

but Agasthya entered the Underworld when he stood up for a helpless woman..

I saw your Mughor.

I have seen its laws

You can't even build a sand castle here if you bow down your heads

You can rule an empire if you stand against them.

I agreed to help the same day you came asking for my help

I won't leave your side unless till you have no one left to fear.

But What they realized that day

In this ocean called underworld, they were still small fish

Don't you know who I am??? How dare you stop me??

Hey.. Can't you see that my brother is speaking??

Don't break your head over these small issues Bala.

You wanna slaughter him??

He is Sadanand Shetty's son.

I know that, it was my son's mistake.

You want to kill him cause he shot one of our men??

But I will tell you the truth

He has been repenting ever since he did that.

Look at him.

Can you see fear in his face?

He just doesn't care. We are not in a position to touch them yet

Don't overreact.

He was showing off right in front of my dad. I could have killed him then and there.

Prem, would you let me do the talking


the entire Mughor is watching..

if you don't do something now, they might think that you are weak.

Your stepping in to the field just now

they will squash you under their feet.

Day after tomorrow - Bala will be transferred to Tihar Jail.

Sadanand Shetty's men are planning to kill Bala there.

They won't leave you too


leave everything and come back, your mother is also worried.

It is a demon's world, you can't live here.

You are right

We cannot live here as human beings

Let us be demons too.

What shall I sketch???

Sketch whatever you see in my eyes.

Two months past the Ganesha festival. What are they upto??


you have covered your faces with colors

Shall I take it off and cover it with your Blood??

What is this for?

To move freely without colors on my face..

They were still no match anyone.

The only solution was to acquire both the areas that they had lost.


Where are the goods??

Who the hell is he??

Hey!!! Am talking to you, where are the goods??

What will he do if I refuse to let go???

Tell me what can he do???

We should leave someone alive to tell our story. If he loses an arm, he'll narrate the story even better.

No .. No .. No.

Confirmed boss

Bala has acquired both his lost areas in just one night.

They have chopped one's hand, they have burnt the face of another.

But I don't understand why they haven't killed them.

For advertisement

These guys grew some balls overnight, there must be a reason for that???

Bala is Rajan's son right?

He has guts

The reason for that is “Agasthya”

Give Soori's murder deal to them!!

But one condition, Fayzal wants us to strike his neck with the machete.

He never gets down of his high platform dock at all, how can we get to him???

Fayzal has challenged Suri that he will kill him with a machete. Shall we agree to the deal or not?

What do we do???

Lets put a ladder

Okay guys Lift it - Lift it

Mughor was under shock by Soori's death.

To avoid further bloodshed.

Dasanna arranged a meeting in a place which was under his control.

(In Tamil)these kids have just begun and see what they have done..

(Hindi)Who gave you the authority to kill??

All these days these dogs were eating leftover food

Now are greedy for raw meat.


We had unity amongst us before

Even after losing Soori, who was like a brother to me

We should still continue to be united that is the reason behind the meeting, to avoid such things in the future

Bala we have seen a lot of blood shed in our lifetime.

But then there was a reason, an accountability for every drop of blood spilt

But making killing itself, a profession is not an easy task..

Killing is like having a cold water bath.

Its a little difficult for the first two mugs of water

But after that we get used to it

It's you who just said ..

that everyone shed blood for their profits.

We are shedding a little more than the others.

Don't worry about accountability.

we'll make sure we have a register from tomorrow


Say something to him.

If Agasthya says something, Than i will not say anything different

If some one pays you to kill me You will kill me also is it?


For you we won't even charge.

I knew this meeting is of no use.

I respected Sadanand bhai's word and came here..

But there is something you all should know

Supari to kill Soori was given by someone in this meeting.

Don't keep the gun in the wrong places.

If something happens, something will disappear.

Mughors den was full of wolves

In the path of the wolves walks the LION..

Decision of yours, his or mine will only waste time.

Everything you point at, will be yours.

Agasthya took advantage of Gang rivalries

He started to eliminate all the gangs by means of supari and took control over their places.

Raman Nagarkar wants to meet you..

Who is that??

Minister of Industries and Commerce

The administrative Khadi too had begun to salute

Jagga and his three brothers have acquired the mill illegally

you need to take care of them

Did you understand what I'm saying???

He needs a pestle to separate the rice from the husk, isn't it???

We'll do it..

He would burn the entire village of the one who raised his voice against Bala..

Agasthya appointed a hit squad to turn fear that he had created into a lucrative business and started capturing areas of mughor


I'm tired of this tamarind business Khan!!

From here on we'll take a percentage

we will talk area wise

From Karwar port to Darjiling estates nobody had the guts to stop their lorries

Agasthya .. Agasthya .. Agasthya .. Agasthya

Tell me another name for my satisfaction atleast.

Boss, call from Bangalore, the 200 acres land deal

I won't touch it if our share is anything lesser than 50 acres

They will give us 80 acres, but they want Agasthya

Ratan setu has sent back all the Bombay goods

He said he'll deal with Agasthya in the future right??

A Baton to kill the snake, a baton to churn the curd too??.

Is he the only one???

Do you think we are wearing foot anklets??

Being your brother, don't I have any value???

No Going forward Agasthya will be distributing the goods to Bombay.

“Careful”, He is growing too much.

As Bala's popularity grew...

Agasthya's number of enemies also grew..

It is impossible to kill both Agasthya and Bala!!

Call your son back from abroad..

I sent him out fearing Agasthya would kill him and you're asking me to call him back???

Sunday is his birthday, isn't it??

We need a reason to gather everyone at one place..

You can see your son's birthday, and also the blood of your enemies

Prem has comeback.

They have invited you as well to his birthday party.

Hey, what are you doing???

I am just waiting him to swallow with fear!

Hmm .. Brother, atleast you tell him something

We have grown now, it's okay.

Hey.. Hey.. Hey My son

Hey stop there, where are going after killing my son

To repent

Hey, Why did you come here

Hotel food was a little boring. He's here to taste some homemade food.

Padma.....Where are the boys??

I don't know why, none of them are to be seen today

I wanted Sadanand Shetty's son to come back

I was the one who sent him to you.

and you're asking me to call him back???

We can see the blood of our enemies

If the target doesn't miss, Tilakwadi will be YOURS..

Boss, somebody has killed Sadanand Shetty's son.

You have done so much to Mughor.

You started playing chess, fearing that you'd lose control on mughor

He was showing off right in front of my dad..

If you don't do anything now

Why are you so worried Sadha Savanth

Yes Bhayya

make a phone call to Inspector Kulkarni

I know I'm really weak in chess,

But I'm extremely good with Lagori.

Its better you head to Kashi, I'll take care of everything here.

Namaskar Sir

Let me know if you need anything else, I'll be inside.

No one could destroy Bala's empire

But misunderstandings grew amongst themselves..

How dare does he threaten Balanna, not only Mallappa, we'll slaughter his entire family.

My mom stays in this village, the work needs to get finished silently. None of you have to do anything - Nayaz.

This is the right opportunity for you

If you kill Mallappa and his family

you will get a good name in Mughoor

better than Agasthya..

We give women a lot of tears, there's no need to touch them..

Do I have to take orders from you now??? You are my brother's servant, remain as a servant.

If this information goes out, You will lose respect.

if you close that door, I'll go kill your mother..

If you give birth to a son, tell him that I said “sorry”.

Because when he grows up he will not have anyone to avenge his father's death.

I wont leave anyone alive

Don't let him get out of this place..

Sheki, Kummi, Pocchi lets go for the kill.

You will have to leave the village Bala will not spare him mother.

You will kill him right infront of me, Bala?

Is there no value for a mother??

Bala, Please let go

Look I will take him away as far as I can from here

Please let go my dear..

Agasthya, Agasthya,

Agastya Put your hand on my head, swear that you will let go of everything

tell you won't break my word, Agasthya

say that you will not step inside this city again

Agasthya Agasthya, SAY IT..

Unless YOU tell me ..

I will not raise my hand on anyone.

Unless you tell me

I will neither come here again..

He shed blood like an animal for Bala.

But when it came to a woman's issue

He sacrificed everything to protect her.

Now, that nightmare haunts him only when he steps inside a police station for a signature

He's earning a honest living now.

Vishwa anna

It is time to go.

Mother I am leaving

OK be careful

There's no other safer place than this and i came here to tell you that.

I have always seen the way my father used to bring fear in people's faces all his life time.

But for the first time, I saw him sweating in fear

because of Agasthya.

I don't even know who he is.

I haven't seen his face either.

You're actually lucky.

Many people have died without seeing his face by his own hands.

That's the reason you are here.

I'll give you anything you ask.

I need my problem solved..

The boss is here for the one who brought the problem, not for your problem.

We don't need your money.

You will get the girl if you do as we say

we will get a chance to drink his blood.

What should I do??


Give the card man

Wait boss

He is always like that he won't listen

I will visit Goruvanhalli Mahalakshmi temple and will come back tonight itself

Don't strain yourself, tell Malla to get food from Military hotel. alright?

Hurry, Hurry, we'll miss the bus..

Food from military hotel… No chance

Mother Kali, When are you giving us peace from this madness.

Please come and help us..

I asked him for tea and he's got me dirty water. You expect me to drink this??

It's you!!

No, it's Mother Kali

Take a look at the beans, it will be fantastic for fry

How dare you decide what I should eat at home?? Bloody rogue..

You grow this with mineral water is it??. It's like your shabby hair. This Cauliflower looks like it has bloody Jaundice. Instead of this vegetable, you should have got the disease and died.

20 rupees??? you should get a leprosy attack

Look at the way he stares like a dandupalya gangster, your head is like a rotten pumpkin. You look like a rusted copper bowl, also like dirty algae in toilets. You look like you'd bite a mad dog too all by yourself


Shut up..

Wish I had a machete in my hand, I would have chopped You.

Take it.. Wish I had a machete in my hand, I would have chopped You.

Take it..

What is it?

Dear, you said we'd be visiting Durga's temple today

Dear come here, u must see Kali ma is right here..

This is how we eat in our country at night..

Why, to save on electricity bills??

No, No, for a nice mood

Mood for what??

Haa to eat … to eat.. eat now

It's really good

Thank you

From which hotel?

Shall I tell you something

You fight really well.

Can I tell you one more thing?

I love India

I'll tell you one more thing

last please

You asked me to wait and watch.

I did it.

You know what I realized??

That you held a falling container long back.

I don't regret being here.

My fate got me here.

I like one thing something a lot here.

I like it soo much that I don't feel like leaving this place.

You know what that is?


I can't believe Nithya was in this kinda of place.

Please don't mind

I was just comparing her lifestyle in Sydney to what she lived here all these days.

I will not forget this favor.

I made this

You made this?

I can cook all kind of dishes and they taste much better than a military hotel

You've struggled so much

If we dont do our house work, who else will??

Take it..

we left our talks incomplete right?

I will continue when we are just two of us.

Please take her away from here

I struggled a lot to reform and I don't wish to be a rowdy again

If I have troubled you too…

I want to ask you something...

Don't know how to ask.

You never had a girl friend?

Girl ??



You have never liked anyone is it??

I can't believe how they let me go so easily

It's so nice of you to arrange such good security


No - Dheeraj Shivarudralingaiah

Where have you kept prabhakar??

Boss, He has left..

Where is he now?

We found them, they're in the godown

But think about it, don't take a hasty decision

Prabhakar has lot of money, Nagappa spilling money like water

we won't get this opportunity again, even if we sell our mill, it won't be enough..

I am not worried about anything else. He's made me rot for 8 years in jail. I don't want you to say anything

What are you saying?

I spoke to the home minister today in the morning, he gave me a word

Hey, Leave her , hey

Due to bad fate, if something happens to you, He said he'd let me contest in SIRA

I don't like being called a Goonda all my life father.

Agasthya, They have taken Nithya to Mughor

What should I do??

Bring her to Mughor



Untill you say

My name is Dheeraj

Shivarudralingaiah's son Dheeraj shivarudralingaiah

I swore with my hand on your head

It come's to my notice what weight and measure is of each foot step placed in this city

You have a deal with Tunga, Why are you seated in front of me..

Don't worry

I won't go anywhere!

I might have given the deal to Tunga

But both of will profit from this

If you go there

long live sadanand bhai

There are chances that you will not return.

This year Pongal has come very early

If you don't go there

I know you'd definitely not live

Agasthya is coming to Mughor

All of you, HE IS COMING

He is hugely indebted to Mughor

He will return it by getting buried here

He has shed the blood of many people

Lot of people are waiting to drink his blood.

I have created a multi-tier defense mechanism for him(chakravyuha)

Entering will be easy for you

But what will go out? is his dead body..

Entire Mughor stands united against you.

What will you do

Yey, Don't kill him in one blow, he should suffer and die..

It seems nobody has seen his Blood till date

It seems he doesn't know what fear is..

It seems nobody has put him to the ground down yet..

Today we will put him down

Don't be afraid - we wont allow him to come so far. If he comes..

Today we'll place a plate on his corpse and eat food

Bring the girl outside


Hey Agasthya's blood

You people said he was a demon. But look at the way he is lying down.

Oye take a picture

The sun has risen and set hundreds of times.

But the stain of my brother's blood on my hands has not faded.

My revenge isn't over yet.

How dare you step in to Mughor

For her??

We were so young when I first saw him..

She's got nothing to do with this

He was like my elder brother, his mother was a mother to me too..

I will hand her over to her father, we can settle our issues later..

Till WHEN?

Until the day you struck my brothers neck with a machete

both the brothers died that day, no settling issues later, I want it right NOW..

we are all sinners

lets bare the punishment for that too

but none of us are eligible to judge and give verdict.

Then why did you punish my brother

I did not punish your brother.

He did not know the value of a mother, I wanted him to have a re birth and learn it.

I did nothing wrong

if you still feel that way, slaughter me right here.

I won't blink until your blade sinks in my bones.




Tell me if you need anything else

Look at you

you're tired

you're bleeding

Even if I strike you, I know you wont raise your hand.

People would laugh at me

Bala took 50 people to kill a helpless, fatigued Agasthya

Go away from here.

If you come back again

there won't be any reason to save you.

Agasthya, Attige(sister-in-law) is very nice

Go away

Dont come back here again..

The line is drawn.

The circle has been made.

everything inside the circle is MINE.

I fought for a lifetime..

for principles, love and for a word

fought against anger

fought with anger

I'll live a honest life from here on