Taxpayers not getting refunds or answers from the IRS

who do have a few extra months to file

your taxes the deadlines as we've told

you has been pushed back because of the

pandemic but for some tax payers who

have already filed trying to get answers

about their refunds or even where their

returns are is proving to be nearly


tonight the rebound Arizona team taking

their concerns to the IRS

here's let Joe knows Joe Ducey so how

many times do you think you've tried

contacting the IRS I would probably at

least 50 yeah between the two of us

before kovat 19 became a pandemic Lilly

and Robert Oh Sheila filed their taxes

hoping for an early refund to pay some

growing bills pay those taxes property

taxes yes but for more than two months

they've received no confirmation their

return has even been accepted nothing

online kept saying no we don't recognize

this account number nothing by phone and

no offices are open because of kovat 19

you're not contacting us they're not

allowing us to contact them they

literally cut that communication off it

seems with all the attention towards

stimulus money and unemployment concerns

and business loans and tax filing

deadlines extended there's a forgotten

group taxpayers who actually filed early

who can't get their refunds but even

more frustrating can't get any answers

about where their return may be the

taxes may be lost in their building that

that's concern number one I think you

have another concern right well it could

be stolen do you know yeah in April the

IRS announced it's not currently able to

process individual paper tax returns and

some returns are being stored

understandable given many IRS employees

are working from home but Joanna Gilbert

let me know she filed electronically and

also can't get help

saying the IRS has no record of a return

neither we nor our accountant can reach

anyone at IRS to find out what happened

we took their concerns to the IRS they

would not comment instead led us to where there's a lot of advice

that Marshall of Phoenix

says he's already followed Marshall says

I've submitted my one page returned

twice since February on the IRS website

where's my refund

none of the preceding are even shown as

in process a desperate Robert also filed

his taxes twice wondering if they were

lost I said another copy of the taxes on

April 15th they received them he has a

postal notice their return was sent to

the right place it keeps this couple

hopeful there are a lot of people that

need that money right now they're

unemployed they're depending on every

dollar they get the IRS is very busy but

there has to be a way that filers can

track the returns to even know if

they're accepted and I said these cases

to the IRS for answers now the rebound

Arizona protecting you against tax scams

they are huge right now like this one a

nearly $300 refund if you click

supposedly from the IRS but check out

the hotmail address and the State

Department of Revenue says scams are up

50% the Department has identified or

stopped 13 different scams that that

represent thousands of fraudulent tax

returns using created or stolen

identities their IDs stolen from

Arizona's old and young trying to get

refunds for the rebound Arizona I'm Joe

do see if you got a problem let me know