How do I check my tax refund status?

okay so let's get to the next question

here looks like from EMV B we can have

how can I check my tax return status my

tax refund status that is online the

good news is if you've already completed

your tax return maybe you sent that in

three or four weeks ago and what you

were wondering is how to actually check

that refund status you can go straight

to the IRS website let me show you here

as you go straight to the IRS website if

you go to the main home page right here

on IRS gov which is W WI RS gov right on

the home page they'll show you exactly

how to go check your refund status see

over here on the right-hand side of this

form where's my refund click right on

that refund status piece of cake if you

go through here here's the place here to

click a hotspot right for where's my

refund okay let's go back a step there

where's my refund you got to have three

pieces of information in order to check

that refund status the IRS is going to

want you to put in your social security

number you'll need to put in the filing

status on the tax return that you're

checking that refund status so if you

filed as a single taxpayer married

filing jointly you got to click that box

now most importantly is you got to know

exactly what refund you're expecting so

you'll probably have a copy of your tax

return with you so go to that tax return

look at the refund you're expecting and

you got to put that in the box here at

the bottom of the form hit go the IRS

will come back and they'll tell you

whether it's been processed whether it's

been accepted and whether that refund

has been mailed so very easy way to

check on the status of your refund

straight there at and maybe you

can use that money for a new vacation or

you can sit it into me from my vacation

maybe that's the less you should do with

your refund