WHEN will I get my TAX REFUND?

where's my refunds and when will I get

my tax refunds you can check the status

of your tax refund on the IRS website

now normally I wouldn't compliment the

IRS on their tech however in this case

their tax refund checker tool on the IRS

website it's actually pretty good it's

probably because the function is so

basic that even they couldn't stir it up

I'll leave you the link below all you

need to do is input your social security

number your filing status and your

refund amounts from there it will tell

you if the tax return has been received

if your federal tax refunds has been

approved when it's scheduled to be sent

and if the refund has already been sent

if you file your taxes you can generally

expect your tax refund in two weeks I've

seen as quickly as one week one week is

honestly pretty common if you're

wondering where your state tax refund is

you need to do the same process at the

state level you need to use your state's

tax refund checker tool I hope that this

has been helpful to you if you have a

large refund please consider adjusting

your w-4 tax form okay that's all I got

for you guys thank you for watching

bigshot suppose a on a Jana and John

Lupo thanks so much

take care