How to prepare certified mail.

I'm going to show you how to do the

certified mail on your letters for those

of you that have never done the

certified mailing process before so in

your treasure chest you get envelopes

you get your labels in there this is a

letter that you're going to send this is

what is called your return receipts

there's a front and a back we'll show

you how to work those and then this is

your actual certified mail receipt and

I'll show you how to do that as well so

on your envelope you've got just it's

just your standard envelope here you've

got your your labels so this is your

return label you're just going to go

ahead and peel it off stick it on your

envelope try and keep it straight and

tidy if you can this is a very organized

process so try and do the best that you

can here for example we're going to say

this letter is going to go to Experian

dispute Center so we're going to pull

that label off and we're going to put it

right here on the middle as straight as


postage don't put a stamp on it because

that will be done at the post office

they will go stamp it and then they'll

also postmark your receipt here so now

you got those labels on there you can go

ahead and take your letter any letter

that you send make sure that you do not

synapse signatures tend to jump from

document to document so whether it goes

to the credit reporting agency or to the

collection agency do not sign it so

you're just going to take your letter

you're going to fold it in you may have

a different way that you fold them but

just as long as it fits inside the

envelope that'll be just fine and dandy

okay so you got your

your envelope you're going to take your

letter stick it in there

now these envelopes even though it has

soft adhesive just like that I always

like to put a piece of tape across here

because sometimes in different climates

hot and cold this adhesive will come

detached okay so you got your letter

everything is enclosed and ready to go

so now you've got your certified portion

now there's a there's a couple sticky

pieces to this if you're just sending

certified mail without the return

receipt that's all that this thing is it

comes back to you and the mail letting

you know that whoever you sent this to

received it and then they also have to

sign for it and date it so you'll know

that it was received a very crucial part

of the credit repair process so for the

certified mail receipt we're going to do

this first if you do have a return

receipt there's this little sticky

portion here that you peel off you see

it just peels right off the top and it

is is to eat and right down here where

it says article number two right down

here across the bottom you're going to

want to put this down there across to

the bottom because when you get this

back in the mail you know that this

return receipt matches these tracking

numbers that's what this is it's a

tracking number okay so you set that off

to the side for just a second and then

this is the last sticky here you peel

this off and it says here place sticker

at top of envelope to the right of the

return address and then fold it the

dotted line so if you get it right next

to the address and you put the dotted

line right at the top of the envelope

just like this

make sure it's a at the top there and

then all you have to do is take this and

fold it over to the back side so it will

look like that now if you want you can

detach this portion it is prepper ated

here you don't have to always like to

leave them on until it goes to the post

office if you're mailing a lot of them

so I don't have to keep track and then

make sure that you write who you sent it

to here in this case it's going to

Experian disputes enter and then make

sure that you put the address on there

because you're going to send two

different addresses at different times

and then also down here somewhere make

sure you write what it was for so if

this was your initial dispute letter to

Experian make sure you put it you tagged

it down there on the bottom so down here

so when you get this back from the post

office you know that this letter was

your initial experienced dispute okay so

that's pretty much all that's done for

certified now if you want the return

receipt like I had mentioned earlier

this lets you know that they received it

so this is really crucial for like

collection agencies and then also your

disputes so again back over here to your

labels everything nice and tidy it says

here that on the back sender please

print your name well instead of printing

it makes it a lot easier just to take it

stick a label on there so it's nice and

tidy so that's the back side now the

front side it says who the article is

addressed to and this is address to

Experian so instead of writing it aloud

it's just easier to put a a sticker in

there okay so the only other thing you

have to do on here is right here on

number three it says the service type

make sure that you check or X certified


so that's all you have to do for your

turn receipt number one who is addressed

to number two your article number across

the bottom and then your service type

which is certified mail now on the

backside of this there's some stickies

here you just peel off the sticky just

like you did the envelope okay on the

backside of the envelope that's where

this goes and I always like to stick one

side first and press it all the way

across and then stick the other side

that's so the envelope doesn't get a

crepe limit so that's how you do

certified mail with return receipt now

when you go to the post office they're

gonna pull this off just like this okay

so that's good that's what it's going to

look like they are going to run this

through the machine to where it's going

what is going to cost you in and they're

going to post market and then you get

this back okay and then they send this

off so once this is gone this is all you

have to track that piece of information

and the receipt that they give you so

this tells you who was sent to and what

it was for you always keep these in

order to keep track of them now on the

backside when they receive this they

take and pull this off just like this

okay when it gets to wherever it's going

the person receiving it has to sign for

it and it gets postmarked and then this

gets sent back to that address letting

you know that experien signed for it and

when they received it so then you'll

have these two that go together the

tracking number here matches the

tracking number there and what I always

like to do is to go into USPS comm

punch in that tracking number as soon as

you get this back and print out that

page showing you that it was delivered

and then I always like to tape or staple

these to that page and then put them in

your organizational binder so that is

how you do certified mail