In-Store Cash Back with Ebates Canada

you already know Ebates is the best

place to earn cashback when you shop

online but now you can take it to the

next level and earn cashback in stores

too to get started add your credit card

to your account you can add more than

one if you like then take a look at all

the in-store cashback offers when you

find an offer you can't refuse

link it to the card of your choice it's

quick and easy to see all of your

current linked offers you can even add

new offers to your cards when you're

actually in the store just pay with your

linked card when you checkout and

cashback will be headed your way see all

of the cashback you've earned online and

in stores in your my account page like

always you'll get paid every quarter

with a big fat check or through PayPal

it's the Ebates cashback you know and

love now available at a store near you