Outside the city - trailer

all my life I have tried to live and

friends of hers

and to tour of Rotorua also be sure to

mention know at the end of my life

sooner a tie


well officer God under sent to him

this is all I have this is all the hurt


you're gonna give up good things and

you're gonna give him what freely my

game has helped to god yeah totally and

utterly some members of a family

couldn't understand you at all torture

as a waste of a life but you like this I

think if we weren't here the world will

be a different place when I came there

was 75 in the community now we're about

20 from the only I mean you could

advertise in monks we need monks we need

monks great great food always a roof

over your head you can read a lot when a

sort of no-man's-land element was a farm

close we changing our work as a farming

community now to us very completely yes

a tourist not due to the order because

our brothers in Medellin don't you've

been doing it for centuries the closure

of the phone founding of the brewery

birth stand for decisions that look

towards the future and we made them with

a view to securing our future at least

to do what we can to make ourselves

receptive to a future when I look at the

old monks and I see that's after 60

years praying every day when the bell

goes and we finished our prayers and one

of them goes off to a quiet corner and

prays again that's what I want to be

like 60 years from now we do need

constant replacements we do need people

who feel as though this is the way of

life for them and they commit themselves

to it and if that doesn't happen to be

no future okay no go it was that way

those are the bumpier model see here