Colorado Family Vacations - Mt Princeton Hot Springs Resort(1) Director Cristian Bohuslavschi

right in the middle of the Colorado

Rockies surrounded by jagged mountain

peaks and located only two and a half

hours away from both Denver and Colorado

Springs there's a place of wonder

designed to stimulate your senses and

rejuvenate your body here spacious rooms

and Colorado style log cabins await you

to relax and recover or just to make

them your base for your next Mountain

adventure the Princeton is located

between the base of mount Princeton the

base of Mount antero

so each cabin and each room is

surrounded by natural beauty you just

look out your window and you'll you'll

see either mountain or wonderful

Colorado blue skies when we try and make

it at each one with its own kind of

private space with some area that you

can get outside sit on the porch enjoy

the amazing views that are all over the

property and really feel like you get

your own little piece of the Rockies for

a little while some are closer to the

upper pool somewhere closer to the creek

some are closer to the spawn Club if you

love nature you really love being in a

cabin you you'll have lots of trees and

natural surroundings this time of year

we're hearing all the birds come out so

it's a lot of fun to be here at the


it's warm gentle and geothermal yet non

sulfurous and odorless warm waters

complement the surrounding beauty to

enhance your stay at this one-of-a-kind

Colorado destination although it has no

less than seven pools of different

shapes and sizes the resorts main

attraction remains its Creekside soaking

on the banks of choc Creek in one of

over 30 natural spring pools where

geothermal water percolates through the

riverbed to create one of the most

serene and soothing experiences that the

Rocky Mountains had to offer another

area that we have is the new spottin

Club the latest addition to the resort

we reserved this area for guests 16 and

older try and maintain the ultimate

quiet relaxing atmosphere over there we

have one large soaking pool available

and then three cascading Japanese pools

that are the hottest on the property

there's a juice bar in that building so

you don't have to go very far to get a

glass of wine have a little bit of a

snack while you're out at the pool you

even have the choice of the historic

bathhouse as well as in the summertime

the upper pool with the 400 foot

waterslide each area varies in

temperature so you really can tailor

your experience to what you're looking

for the waters here at mount Princeton

contain a very minimal amount of sulfur

so they do not have the smell so it

creates a really unique hot springs


my favorite thing about Mount Princeton

and what I think makes it most unique is

the kind of raw setting that we have you

walk out the door and you have these

fourteen errs all around you we have the

the creeks pools which are my favorite

to go unto because there'd like that

naturally they're untouched it's not

something that you can get at very many

places anymore over the past few years

the resort's new ownership made a myriad

of improvements and added amenities that

literally change the face of this

historical site creating a unique blend

of rustic Western luxury one of the most

exciting things we're going to be

bringing on in 2013 is the Estates at

Mount Prince and Hot Springs PUD

it's a project we've been working on

over the last couple years and what it

is is a resort style living development

that will bring the best of the hotel

world that mount Princeton has to offer

and give you an option to actually have

a little piece of that for yourself it's

located right down the road from us it

has a lot of entitlements that come

along with it with access to our spa and

access to our swimming areas you're

going to be able to live in Chaco Canyon

have a real rustic type environment to

stay in with hiking trails right out

your back door yet still be able to walk

back up to a restaurant or to get a

massage or to have a swim in the

mornings we're very excited to bring

this on in 2013