Where Is 'Virgin River' Filmed? Get a Closer Look at the Real Places Shown in the Netflix Show

where is virgin river filmed get a

closer look at the real places shown in

the netflix show you can actually visit

some locations jack's bar

in real life season 2 of virgin river

premiered on november 27th

although it remains unconfirmed by

netflix season 3 is reportedly in the


fans have fallen in love with the town

itself and now want to know where the

show is filmed

virgin river has all the makings for the

ultimate comfort watch

a storybook romance hallmark level drama

and a quaint yet cozy backdrop

if you can look beyond mel and jack's

obvious chemistry it's hard

we know you'll be met with sweeping

views of redwood trees and surrounding

mountain ranges

along with local staples like jack's bar

and doc mullins clinic

the gorgeous scenery alone may inspire

some fans to take a trip out west

in hopes of experiencing the town's

charm in real life but this begs the


is virgin river a real place before the

show's release

the author of the virgin river book

series robin carr

confirmed that the show is merely i have

to remind them that it only exists in

our hearts and minds

she told entertainment weekly in her

eyes virgin river can be just about

anywhere if you try hard enough

but to further the thought we can have

that sense of community in our own

neighborhood or school or church group

or community center or library


all we have to do is try to create it in

this video

carr describes virgin river as a

character since everyone in the

fictional town needs to rely on each

other the virgin river

a town of only 600 people that car

created in the books and tv show is set

in northern california

but netflix isn't loyal to the golden

state for filming purposes

the show is actually filmed in vancouver

and select areas in british columbia

such as snug cove in bowen island

burnaby or port coquitlam

as revealed by country living the

exterior of jax bar

which is the town's unofficial meeting

spot is reportedly watershed grill in


located north of vancouver on the

squamish river

all interior scenes however are shot at

a local studio

the other town landmarks in the historic

queen's park of new westminster which

was recently listed for 2.3 million


it's important to note that the virgin

river is indeed an actual body of water

in the united states

a small tributary of the colorado river

technically speaking

that means you can visit virgin river

but without jack

mel and every