I Visited a Morgue So You Don’t Have To | Vancouver Police Museum | Inside a Morgue, Seized Weapons!



you've got mail

i know you gonna dig this

new police station police museum

coroner's court is anything like night


what's going on everybody how you doing

today so here i am in downtown vancouver

look what's behind me the coroner's

court i'm gonna go into

a morgue an actual morgue so you don't

have to

this isn't something i'm particularly

i'm interested in it but to actually be

inside one

it's no longer a working one but it's

the real one it's the real deal

this is crazy this is a vancouver police

museum and i'm

i'm a little my stomach's like

it's cause it's a morgue

so let's go inside together

you and i will do this together we're

going to see an actual morgue

i don't know what's in there i just was

told to come here

i didn't look it up online i just knew

that the morgue part of it i thought

well that sounds about right

let's do it so here i am let's go inside

and i got a mask up so my voice may be


and of course if i suffocate from the

mask i'm in the right place

they'll figure it out let's go police


all right so what do we have here

now i am massed up by this oh

the gas town riots

that's the hippie culture that's right

hippies versus the police that's what

the police would have looked like back



this is interesting some old-time police


looks very uh retro it looks like

something from

uh like an 80s tv show to harley


well i guess they would take that around

to schools to show

electric oh it's a radar

for traffic

things have changed

this is for automobile theft still a big


this is a wheel lock with a key

huh this is attached to the front wheel

of a car

maybe any of those existed i just

thought you got a boot

in certain parts of the stage we don't

have boots if you're

you know they don't throw away a card

they put a boot on it so you can't drive

it but this is for the owners to put on


money sack from a bank robbery oh

filled with styrofoam good haul dude

oh so this is the coroner's courtroom

and this is the jury room


i'm getting to what i want to see

um surveillance equipment oh wow look at

that look at that

secret like every 70s and 80s

cop movie or tv show come to life

wow police baton



oh boy here we go i see the signs for

the morgue

well this is the lie detector test look

at this

let's just use a magic eight bowl

well no that would make sense they said


to catch a lot look at these things

they were it's a

people who are a master bias who's

easily master body's reaction

still not accepted by scientific legal

or political uh

communities but please still do use a

lie detector test and that's how they

put the scale in you

they say that they caught you lying

here we go continue into the word

1970s skull in a bullet hole

i believe one of these two

murdered his entire family

with this axe

one thrown

right there this man was murdered by


man stabbed 146 times

and his bloody evidence inside this

paper towel

and bloody paper inside there

that's really sad these two boys were

found in stanley park murdered


these are casts of their skulls

lunchbox children's clothing and that's

the murder weapon

wow so here we are entering the autopsy


and here you go this is what if you want

to see

where they keep the bodies this is it

this is the actual ones

these are the actual ones look in there

they're kept at two to two celsius to

four degrees celsius

slows the rate of decomposition

these ones so those

are for bodies to keep them slowing the

rate of decomposition

they can stay for several weeks these

are for ones that are already heavily


negative 10 to 50 negative 10 to

negative 50 wow

let's see oh this looks into a gun


and does the ballistics this is in the

early 20s

and here we go oh boy

yes so if you look here this is the blue


and when the pathologist was

doing his work on somebody here

they tried to shoot the pathologist

because they didn't want him to figure


who killed the person so they shot a

bull they shot they thought about

they tried to shoot at him from the


a few bad men ended up going to jail

they figured it out

is it x-rays wow

all right thanks

your brains these are actual brains

that's a heart


should be along with emphysema

this is an aorta with an aneurysm oh my


oh that's so sad that's a suicide victim


it's a gunshot to the

there's a heart that's skin that's human

skin though

my god

i can't even show what that is up there

that's so sad

i can't miss all those fetuses

this is uh one of them is missing

this is a stabbing to the heart

blocked larynx

a ruptured intestine with a toothpick

oh my god

this is really crazy all the different

you know just the body parts thinking

about all the different ways you can die

carcinoma the gallbladder

i did not expect to see this i'm sorry


wow cancer of the liver

carcinoma of the liver

tumor of the ovary wow

and here are autopsy tables

so they're on a slant the head goes here

and then there's a sink fluids drain out

into here

there's two tables in here this was an

extra one

from an overflow morgue

it's located two floors below and they

brought it up here

oh my goodness this would be a grinning

i'm guessing


this is gonna get graphic look at that

oh my goodness

and errol flynn died in vancouver and

that's the table where he was brought to

that's in another video though

yeah it's definitely an odd smell

it's not pleasant ah this is bizarre

being inside an actual mark and seeing

all of this and knowing that it was an

actual working morgue

back in the day wow

wow i'm a little shook

this is not i didn't expect to see all

of this on the wall

not at all it's disturbing some of it

especially the

the fetuses uh

faster i have a friend who's a

pathologist who works for a

cfs in canada canadian forensics

yeah canadian forensic sciences in


and he's told me some stories about

being in the morgan investigations all

that and it's just

crazy what they do it's

i mean when i say crazy it's just it's

mind-blowing that the

what you have to uh

the stomach you have to have and the


the intelligence and

the heart because you have to be you

have to you have to you're going to

separate yourself from the person

of course but you're dealing with a

human being

and here's where the personal effects


these original personal effects from the

victim absolutely not victims all the

time the deceased would go here

that's where they kept them

what is this this is a jail

look how tiny this is this is a holding


history and how the vancouver and how

british columbia trials work

right there on the wall that's a tiny

little cell

this dog here was five months away from


and then he was in pursuit of somebody

mccarthy phoenix pulled into a train

died five months away from retirement

for the poor regular guy

these are all confiscated firearms

chain whips

pistols look at that

i don't know a thing about guns

but i think i could handle that one that

looks fake

that's crazy

these are all confiscated guns and

weapons look at this

oh my gosh

ninja stars nunchucks they're called

shurikens because it's kind of ninja


throwing stars right more guns look how

small those guns are

1912 1907.

look at this oh my god

more throwing stars nunchucks look at

these weapons where

that is nuts

what are you talking about

switch blades i have a butterfly knife

but it's fake

so don't come looking for anything i

have a real one that's fake one but i

know how to use it

but it's plastic you know she's metal

but it doesn't have a blade

these are plastic i want to play with

them as a kid because of outsiders i

don't know what that is

knuckles this is incredible


i don't know


oh my goodness

well what'd you think that was crazy

that was an actual morgue

wow well if you're in vancouver i

definitely recommend checking it out it

wasn't too expensive

it's 12 bucks that was worth it

there was a weird smell and that's the

one room all

the rest of it smelled fine even with

the mask on i could smell

i guess chemicals left over from the

ears i don't know what else

holy doodle vancouver police museum

check it out that's great those weapons

nunchucks grenades

did you catch my little joke brick

where'd you get a hand grenade i don't


oh my god that escalated quickly

all right peace especially after that

to you and peace out

you're weird looking girl