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hey guys i'm caitlin i'm keisha and

welcome to



so today we'll be taking you guys to

riverdale shooting places and we're now

in front of the most

famous diner pops chocolate coffee

you know from riverdale but the real

diner is called rocco's yeah

so yeah we will be taking you guys

inside the diner and show you guys

around so

let's go






wasn't changing

okay guys so we ordered milkshake uh

this is the cookie sun cream but it

doesn't look like cookie center




my impression about this burger

i like do you like pickles


i'm topical


so i think inside there's

double patty double cheese

then there's bacon


really good i'm like

the edge of the patty is crunchy

i mean but the inside is still juicy

and there's saltines

it's also

good the saltiness is perfect

overall i think it's like about

nine out of 10. okay guys so i ordered

the double shroom butter

so it's like a double stack of the

leaf and then with a lot of mushrooms

and also cheese



i feel like the taste is just right and

then it's not too

oily but it's really juicy and then

yeah same with keuche i really like the

patty because like the

outer part looks like crispy and crunchy


i rarely find a burger that's really


but this one is so good


and it's not biased because it's


but it's really good and then the price

per burger

is 14.99 canadian dollars which is


i don't know 100 150 150 000 rupiah

okay guys we're back we're so full right


it was really good though so this is

actually our second time coming here

the first time was probably like last

year yesterday yeah

and um so last year when we first came


they have like riverdale menu they have

no names um according to their cast


so there's like south side serpent drug


betty milkshake and stuff like yeah

for any kind stuff and also um

their burger like the one that i just

had that was jay jones burger that

stands for

jackhead jones burger yeah but for some

reason i don't know like

this time the milkshake doesn't have

those names anymore yeah

i think it's probably because um


only used a rokus as their pilot episode

for the pop's chocolate

but then after that they made their own

set for the pops chocolate so

i think that's probably it but i'm not

sure why though we're so excited to come

back here not only to

film but also to eat the burger because

it's yeah

and we're not biased at all it's like

really good yeah

and now we're gonna go to port langley


also one of the um spots that riverdale

often use in many of their scenes

so yeah we'll see you there


hey guys i'm finally in fort langley

and so this is um like a small

part of langley so that means like a

city and then this is like a small part

of it

that um


yes and beside us is the train track


is um used for the first episode

of river day

the train is coming


yeah so along this road it's called

glover road

and this road is in many scenes

it's always like a city view yeah it's

like an

older vintage it's kind of like a

disneyland city

yeah yeah i think they just

yeah i think they they shot like a


spot but it's like along this globe


no pun espresso yourself


that cash yo-yo

bubblegum nuggets

guys so we're going to show you the

riverdale town hall


this is the langley community hall and

it's used in the film as the town yeah


okay now the next stop we're going to

maria's gelato so that is a gelato place

but in

the movie they said that it is a comic


yeah so they for archie's comic

book okay yeah so they decorated it a

little bit




hey guys now we're in front of the


yeah so oh

actually there's people so we don't want

to go in

because one it's scary and the second

reason is that

we need to respect the people here

but actually the cemetery here is not as

scary as the money

yeah or as creepy yeah it's really clean


okay guys so it turns out that this


is for the victims in the first world


so these are so i just read like there's


information board yeah there's an

information board

so there are three dozens of men

who were killed during the first world

war and they were

the fort langley's heroes okay so we're

done for the day so actually there's a

lot of other spots for

riverdale shooting places but

it's all spread out throughout vancouver

and it's pretty far from when from each


yeah so far so that's why we just


the fort langley one because actually

there's a lot of spots on fortnightly

and stuff

and also the popular pop strapless

diner so if you guys want us

to explore more of the riverdale

uh shooting spots let us know in the

comment down below and we will make it

for you guys yeah and actually vancouver


used to shot a lot of

and then um the flash series um

on netflix then riverdale also

fifty shades of grey yeah and then

yeah there are a lot yeah anyways

i hope you guys enjoyed the tour um for

the riverdale

shooting spots alright so don't forget

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