7 things you need to know before moving to Vancouver

hey guys Dane here from moving to Canada

super exciting news we have actually

just touched down a couple of hours ago

and landed in the Canadian city of

Vancouver British Columbia right on the

west coast of Canada so what we're gonna

be doing for you is taking you around

the city over the course of the next day

and showing you the eight things that

you need to know before moving to

Vancouver so come with us it's gonna be

an awesome day and we're gonna show you

all around this beautiful city that is

bordering the Pacific Ocean welcome to a

Canada place right at the heart of

downtown at the Port of Vancouver you

can see why Vancouver is known as one of

the most beautiful places in Canada with

the mountains meeting the water meeting

all these parks there's a lot of spaces

for you to get out and enjoy and that

brings me to the first thing that you

need to know about if you're considering

moving to Vancouver the climate at the

time that we're filming this video it is

the middle of January which is one of

the coldest times of the year in Canada

as you can see I am just wearing a light

coat and a hoodie and it's not that

chilly out so just this many layers are

keeping me totally warm definitely warm

enough it's that I have the heat and the

energy to go and explore that west coast

living the second thing that you need to

know if you're considering moving to

Vancouver is about accommodation and the

cost of living so right now we are in

the lovely little neighborhood of

Kitsilano it's just outside of the

downtown core and before you get to the

University of British Columbia so it's

still pretty central but you need to

know that Vancouver is one of the more

expensive cities to live in Canada if

you are a single person you get a

one-bedroom apartment that you're

renting in the city center that's going

to cost you upwards of $2,000 per month

if you're outside of the city center

that same apartments gonna cost you

upwards of $1600 per month that's way

above the monthly average cost across

Canada now if you're getting a 3-bedroom

apartment that's gonna cost you 3700 in

the city center and 2,700 outside of the

city centre so make sure if you are

considering living in Vancouver

that you take that into account before

you plan your move we're gonna be going

all over the city of Vancouver today

which gives us a great opportunity to

tell you about the third thing that you

need to know if you're considering

moving to Vancouver and that's your

public transit options Vancouver is

actually one of the most accessible

cities in Canada when it comes to public

transit you have a ton of different

public transit options and honestly

Vancouver has some of the sickest names

for their public transit right now we

are waiting for the SkyTrain

which is a train that goes through the

sky and they also have AC bus which is a

bus that goes on the sea and they also

have well just a regular bus

pricing for Vancouver's public transit

system is based on zone

the entire city is divided up into three

zones got zone one the city center zone

twos a little bit outside of that and

zone three's a little bit further than

that if you're traveling within zone 1

it's gonna cost you 3 bucks for a single

pass or $98 for a Monthly Pass if you're

travelling in zone 3 which is the

furthest zone that's gonna set you back

five seventy-five for a single pass or a

hundred and seventy seven bucks or your

Monthly Pass now public transit isn't

the only way to get around in Vancouver

though it is convenient a lot of people

do opt instead to walk to use a regular

car or a ton of people in Vancouver also

like to cycle Vancouver is one of the

friendliest cities in Canada when it

comes to cycling about moving to

Vancouver is what are your job and

employment opportunities thankfully as

one of Canada's biggest cities Vancouver

has a range of employment opportunities

across a range of different industries

and professions some of the most popular

industries in Vancouver are construction

and also tech BC is a bustling tech hub

in Canada so much so that British

Columbia is actually established a

segment of their Provincial Nominee

program that siphons new immigrants in

who are in tech occupations it's called

the BC PNP Tech pilot and they're

targeting people with experience in one

of 29 few tech occupations the fifth

thing that we wanted to talk to you

about was access to education in

Vancouver and we thought there is no

better place to do that than at you b/c

UBC or the University of British

Columbia is one of the largest

universities in Canada and it

consistently ranks as one of the top

three schools in the country and UBC

really exemplifies the kind of

educational offerings that are available

in the city of

Coover if you are considering

International Studies in Canada one

thing to keep in mind is the cost of

tuition UBC for example is one of the

pricier institutions in the country when

it comes to tuition it's calculated

based on whether you are a domestic

student that means you're Canadian

citizen or a permanent resident or if

you're an international student for UBC

a Bachelors of Science for this year

that's 2019 2020 it's going to cost you

on average fifty four hundred dollars if

you're a domestic student or 39 thousand

dollars if you're an international

student so you really have to consider

that cost when you come in for

International Studies

however the perks of an institution like

UBC is that it offers tons of high

quality education high quality

programming in a range of disciplines

everything from arts science computer

science nursing they've got it all but

whether you're studying in Canada or

whether you're working in Canada if

you're in Vancouver one of the perks is

what you can do in your downtime the

sixth thing that you have to know if you

are considering moving to Vancouver is

that Vancouver is the fittest city in

Canada with a ton of access to nature

and outdoor activities and there is no

place that better exemplifies that than

the place that we are standing right now

which is Stanley Park Stanley Park is a

massive green space located right in the

heart of Vancouver and in Stanley Park

there's the space to do tons of

different activities from walking

running hiking swimming and also a ton

of sights to see the seawall the totem

poles the Lions Gate Bridge and a random

guy doing yoga with a bunch of Canadian

Geese guys warrior one the seventh thing

that you need to know if you are

considering moving to Vancouver

Vancouver is one of the most culturally

diverse cities in Canada there are

people in this city of different

nationalities different linguistic

backgrounds different religions

different sexual orientations it really

is a place where you can find your own

community whatever that community may be

in fact according to the 2016 census the

population of Vancouver was sitting at

about 2.5 million and that includes the

surrounding area of that 1 million of

that population is first-generation

immigrants that's 40% of the population

of Vancouver are first-generation

immigrants and to showcase that we

brought you right downtown right in the

heart of downtown Vancouver we're on

this city block alone just on this block

there is a Korean place there is a lion

place a middle-eastern place a Malaysian

place a Japanese place there's an

Italian place right across the street

and just up the block there I can see a

Ukrainian place well that's all in just

one city block radius here in downtown

Vancouver so it really is a place with a

ton of different cultures a ton of

different communities and we are going

to check out one of these places we're

gonna check out something I'm super

excited about because it's something

that we really get great quality of in

Vancouver so let's go check it out

okay guys so the eighth and final thing

that you need to know if you are

thinking about moving to Vancouver is

that Vancouver is foodie heaven you like

to eat this is the city for you there's

so many different places to eat as

you've just heard from so many different

cultures in so many different

nationalities right now we are at a

sushi downtown Vancouver we don't get

back ride from on the East Coast so

we've had a long day of filming we are

getting ready to chow down thank you so

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