Vancouver's Secret Lookout | The most Beautiful View in Metro Vancouver

you ready for your English test well you

don't look very happy

do you like my purse

what you got a purse oh it made you put

it in there yeah we put this all my

stuff in my ugly purse how do you think

it went

I don't know it was so easy

all right so for this video I'm going to

show you some of my favorite viewpoints

in Metro Vancouver a couple years ago I

didn't even know these viewpoints

existed I've never been there before but

they're already some of my favorite

viewpoints you can find in Metro

Vancouver and it's not in downtown

Vancouver that's a strange thing about

it it's not in downtown Vancouver you

have to venture a little further outside

the city but they're totally worth it so

I'm going to show you how to get there

you definitely have to check this out if

you've never been it's totally worth

visiting and yeah let's start this video

up okay like I said you're gonna have to

venture outside downtown Vancouver

Canada to find what could arguably be

one of the best viewpoints in Metro

Vancouver you won't find these spots on

a map or tour guide video but are all

well known to locals well except maybe

me I didn't know the secret lookout

existed until fairly recently

so yeah head to the North soar and get

to Horseshoe Bay BC i'd recommend

driving but you could take transit and

hike up to these viewpoints

honestly since bc fares have reduced

their schedule everything has been a lot

more quieter and peaceful around here

now there's actually a few different

viewing platforms around Horseshoe Bay

I'll show you where they are and how to

get to them and you can let me know in

the comment section below if there are

any more I missed or just any of your

favorite viewpoints in Metro Vancouver

so once you're in Horseshoe Bay go to

the very end of Wilmington Avenue find

this street corner you can look it up on

a map and you'll be able to hike the


the way up you walk up here it'll feel

like private property but I promise you

it isn't find this sign and start hiking

it's a fairly simple trail and to only

take you about 15 minutes to get to the



it's gonna grow on top of this tree yeah

come back in like 30 years and we say oh

that's the tree that I I know that tree

is my friend I seen when I was a baby

yeah seen him grow up

there's a fair amount of space up here

you'll see the town of Horseshoe Bay BC

Ferries terminal but the viewing

platform will be just behind this outlet

building so what do you think

pretty amazing view thing pretty much

only very local people know about this

spot I'm not sure if I should feel bad

giving it away but I feel like everyone

should share it so just pick up some

garbage there's a lot of garbage around

here and enjoy the view




so yeah if you go here and find this

viewing platform because of this video

just be sure to help out and pick up a

few pieces of garbage but other than

that you'll get some amazing 360 degree

views of the sea to sky highway Bowen

Islands and just a completely peaceful


now the other viewing platform that I

know of is actually on the other side of

Horseshoe Bay basically all you have to

do is get yourself on to Horseshoe Bay

Drive find somewhere to pull over and

walk along the road there's no signs but

there's a few spots where you can just

sit and again watch BC Ferries overlook

the town of Horseshoe Bay and just chill

enjoy the views


all right so these are the two

viewpoints pretty spectacular I'm not

sure which one you like better and this

one the other ones that look like right

over there

so yeah get some amazing views right

around Horseshoe Bay awesome stuff hope

you liked it I hope you don't fall

celebration time you Finn the school for

another semester all your classes are

done you've saved this for about a year

now we got this last year and went to

Kelowna haven't opened it yet special

occasion let's do it

tell me when to stop don't ever stop

I didn't say stop