secret lookout in Vancouver | REVEALED

if you guys want to find out where you

can find this secret lookout spa sunset

spot whatever you want to call it in

Vancouver then be sure to watch the

video and I'm gonna show you guys how to

get here we wake hear the birds and see

you son

sigh beside our phaser done oh the good

times just begun

all right hey guys welcome back to my

channel and today is a very exciting day

because I'm gonna show you guys how to

get to the nicest most beautiful sunset

spot in Vancouver alright so I don't

know about you guys but during all this

corona quarantine stuff I've been on

tik-tok a lot you guys already know what

tick tock is I was scrolling through

tick tock and I came across this one

video where they kind of show this cool

platform I don't know if you can see it

and the caption is favorite place to

watch a sunset and then I saw another

one it looked like the same place but

kind of different okay so you get the

point on both of these videos in the

comment section but they say don't give

away the location this is the best kept

secret please don't give this place away

basically everyone's talking about this

secret lookout spot in Vancouver and I

did a little bit of research I kind of

saw the clues from the videos I do know

that it is in Horseshoe Bay if I do find

it I'll show you guys how to get there

and for the people that continue to

watch this whole video then you guys

will have a little surprise that you can

participate in I'm walking away too much

but let's go so we just left the house

I'm with my brother and you know you

should say hi like close and I am with

my brother we're on our way to pick up

my friend ever go grab some food and

some drinks I think we're gonna grab

some gammy if you guys don't know what

gammy is it's a really good sushi place

in Richmond and then we're gonna head up

to Horseshoe Bay you can do I what's

over yet seriously

oh my god oh my god the game I'm with my

brother right now

what's up and yeah I don't like that

what the heck dude are you afraid of


is a day but I don't know my team we had

to pull out yet always in here yeah

there's two cards just three times okay

so we've made it to the pullout and now

we're trying to walk and find the place

we don't really know where it is right

now so we're looking for that part

I can't find it we were walking for five

hours and I just went on like Google

like Google view when I was just swiping

and trying to look for like like places

where you could walk up I think it's

here whoa it's not here but this place

is nice too we'll keep going I I think

it's the next one over so that wasn't it

maybe it's here does you think it's here


it's here

it's right here and nobody's here oh my

god we just found it




we found the spot and we set up our

little I don't think anybody knows about

this place

oh my god

they're right there we're so sorry all

right so you officially made it to the

spot and I'm gonna show you how to

actually get here so we parked down this

road we drove onto Horseshoe Bay Road

which is this road right here but that's

behind me and we found a little place to

pull over we parked there and then we

walked back to where we came from so

basically I know which way that is but

we walked just along the side like the

grass patch right here and you just need

to find this sign right here this

residential area sign so when you're

coming up the road you'll see it and

then you'll find like this little rock

thing so the signs right there and this

rock hill that you can climb and then

use go you climb it and you'll see the

platform when we hold on tight

we're looking for in light

come us crazy but things are funny

you and I the future is bright


we got in

we don't need



so the Sun just set and it's crazy

because so many people have walked by

the spot and because we have a spot our

platform there's more people coming so a

quick tip for you guys if you do want to

come to this spot then come early not


I just come prepared be prepared to not

be here so many people have come after

us and they just like they kind of had

to sit on rocks or something because we

have the platform but yes come early

come prepared and have a back-up plan

because this spot might be taken yeah we

know that

bring games bring snacks bring blanket


you know people were wondering what kind

of drone I have I got the Mavic mini and

I got it from Amazon so if you ask me

how about have you ever asked me and I

was like no can you stop fighting on my

blog please this is some toxic energy we

don't need this


before I sleep here the bed gets either


Southside and the



we look at

in my

buzzer AG but things are finally ready


you and I have a few chairs bride


yo relax look at the sky it's so pretty

this is another drone scene it's like

she turned the controller off while

she's flying the drone oh my god a

little heart attack did you see that it

said aircraft signal intersection all

right I put a heart and I put my

initials on it with lip gloss so if you

guys come to this spot and find where I

hid this $10 bill then this money is

yours okay where should we hide it it's

on the side underneath this giant rock

and I'm gonna put this flower

the $10 bill is underneath this rock

with this flower on top so hopefully you

guys do find it if you guys find the $10

bill then DM me on Instagram or put it

on your story and tag me so that I know

who found it and yeah this is the

platform and that is where I hid the $10

we don't need them



let me start