The most photographed place in the South Pacific: Facts about French Polynesia


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content as the name suggests french


is a part of france it is an overseas

collectivity of the republic with the

additional designation as an overseas

country inside the republic they even

have their own president and a high

degree of autonomy for most people

french polynesia equals tahiti

but that's far from being true it's

actually made up of 118 islands spread

over an area of over 4,000 square

kilometers right in the middle of the

South Pacific French Polynesia was one

of the last places on earth to be

settled by humans historians believe

that the great polynesian migration

happened around 1500 BC as Austronesian

people went on journeys to find islands

in the South Pacific

the first islands of French Polynesia to

be settled were the Marquesas Islands at

around 200 BC following the great

polynesian migration European explorers

visited the islands on several occasions

in 1842 the French took the islands and

established a French protectorate they

called the French establishments in

Oceania in 1946 these settlements became

an overseas territory under the

constitution of the French Fourth

Republic and Polynesians were granted

the right to vote through citizenship in

1957 they were renamed French Polynesia

and in 2003 they became an overseas


located on Tahiti Island poppy T is the

capital of French Polynesia over half of

the territory's entire population lives

in and around the capital city in all

68% of all French Polynesians live on

Tahiti island ironically the growth of

poverty was boosted by the decision to

move the nuclear weapon test range from

Algeria to the atolls of mudarra

and fungal hypha some 1,500 kilometres

east of Tahiti this led to among other

things the construction of the country's

only international airport

however these tests led to rioting in

the streets and worldwide outrage so the

tests stopped in 1996 poppy era today is

the gateway to French Polynesia so if

you're fortunate enough to visit the

country this city will likely be your

first contact

have you ever longed for a black pearl

do you know where they're coming from

the beautiful black pearls are

indigenous only to the Tuamotus

archipelago a chain of almost 80 islands

this is of course French Polynesia's

largest export 55% of all the goods

shipped out and of course this is the

country where you'll find the only Pearl

Museum in the world the Robert Wong /

Museum in papaoutai the museum recounts

at the same time the history of the

Pearl throughout the world

the fascination it aroused two important

people the legends the habits and the

technical sides of pearl farming

I'm sure I don't have to tell you this

but french polynesian islands are


aside from Tahiti there are countless

other islands that welcome tourists all

year round Bora Bora for instance is

here and mo too taboo which is said to

be the most photographed island in the

South Pacific surrounded by pristine

white sands and the turquoise Lagoon it

was once a private retreat for the

Polynesian Queen for Maori the fourth

another Island raya Tara is famous for a

great invention the overwater bungalows

which were created because the island

had no beaches so some hotel owners came

up with the idea to build bungalows

directly on the reefs in any case if you

can afford the long trip to any part of

French Polynesia

it's pretty much guaranteed that you'll

have no regrets

the Tahitian alphabet has all of the

same vowels as the Latin alphabet but

only nine consonants F H m and P are T V

and a glottal stop until the early 19th


Tahitian was a purely oral language a

Tahitian spelling system using the Latin

alphabet was developed by John Davis a

while schist orion and linguist and

proposed in 1805 davis produced the

first printed book in Tahitian in 1810

most of the written material published

since has been of a religious or

educational nature tattooing is one of

the longest cultural traditions of

mankind something humans have been

practicing ever since the Neolithic it

wasn't invented in French Polynesia and

we will probably never know who when or


came up with it we do know that tattoos

have been an integral part of Polynesian

society for millennia and they also gave

us the word for it the word in question

is tatau or tatau meaning to tap or mark

something it was brought to England from

Captain Cook

during his voyages from Tahiti where he

was introduced to tattoos most likely

the word tattoo was spawned from the

sound of the tapping made by the

primitive instruments while the images

were being made on the skin

these were seven facts about French

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