Italy's MOST BEAUTIFUL Lake! | TOP ACTIVITIES around Lake Maggiore



good morning everyone welcome to stress

it is what sarasu usually know you said

stress ah good morning everyone and

welcome to stress we are in northern

Italy we took the train this morning

from Milan just like an hour long train

ride pretty easy and now we're in this

beautiful town

lakeside beautiful of mountains

everywhere kind of reminds me a little

bit of New Zealand but with lots of

amazing architecture everywhere so we're

gonna be spending the next two days

around this area so yeah a pretty stoked

for it we just got your accommodation

here in stress though we are staying at

the Luana hotel there's like a little

restaurant downstairs and they also have

looks like they only have a few rooms in

here so kind of like a cute little

family-run place kind of down this back

alley with we have like a perfect view

of the lake it's like super tiny but we

have an awesome view going like right

outside of room so the pine for the rest

of the day is I might go get a haircut

quickly I'll find some food then we're

gone left the mountain apparently

there's a roller coaster on the side of

the mountains we're gonna check that out

and then we're gonna go visit some of

the islands in the lake so it's gonna be

a really fun day


so to catch you guys up on what we've

been up to we had a nice lunch by the

lake amazing views of the islands and

then we took the gondola up to the top

of the mountain that overlooks Lake

Maggiore and we are about to go on a

little two-seater roller coaster I think

so who's gonna be interesting we're so

high up the view up here is amazing I'll

show you guys more in a second



I'm awake now so guys for the past

couple days we're in Milan that's where

I flew into and then this morning we

took the train all the way out up here

to dress--i

and that's where we spend the next

couple days


welcome to Isola Bella which is a little

tiny island just off the coast of the

mainland just off the coast of stresser

where we're staying and we just get to a

little ferry out here it's like a

10-minute ride out and it's cool as call

these little shops it's to be honest

it's pretty touristy but you know it's

got these cool like narrow streets

that's just like classic Italy and so

we're just gonna be exploring a couple

different islands this afternoon and

showing you guys around


so the main reason that people come to

Isola Bella is for the gardens and

that's where we are now and they are

beautiful it's definitely as I said

earlier a pretty touristy island there's

people everywhere but I would say that

it is worth coming out here because the

gardens are just pristine but they're

the nicest gardens I've ever seen before

statues everywhere really nice flower

arrangements little ponds fish birds and

amazing views of the mountains and the

lakes and the surrounding like hillside

town so yeah I've definitely recommend

coming out here if you are in the area

so guys as I said we're on is Allah

superior all right

also known as fisherman's island also

known as easily pesky Terry so a few

different names but a whole lot more

like five here then I had the previous

Island we were on it seems like there's

a little more culture here it's like a

little community I think it's because

people actually live here it's not just

like a tourist destination




after a fantastic day exploring the

islands of Lake Maggiore we headed back

into stress ax and went out for dinner

we had some amazing homemade pasta and

wine and then we followed that up with

continuing our four-day gelato streak so

it was an amazing evening in strengthe

that is it for today guys thank you so

much for joining us on our journey

throughout Italy this is just the

beginning this is only day three or four

of like so many days like we're gonna be

here for a long time so keep on tuning

in stay tuned subscribe if you're not

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tomorrow we're gonna be exploring Lake

Maggiore a lot more so stay with us

take care