Lake County Michigan

endless nature timeless rhythms

boundless adventure these three phrases

capture the real essence of Lake County

Michigan located in the west central

part of Michigan's Lower Peninsula

Baldwin is the county seat it's a

bustling small town with a rich history

and a variety of unique shops and

restaurants to discover the other

communities are Luther Idlewild fyren's

and chase but beyond the communities

Lake County is truly an outdoor

recreation paradise do you love being

outdoors then you need to see and

explore Lake County's endless nature the

Manistee National Forest and the Pierre

Marquette State Forest cover almost half

of the county and two of the sixteen

national Wild and Scenic Rivers in

Michigan are in Lake County the Pierre

Marquette and pine rivers are you a

history buff than you want to learn more

about Lake County's timeless rhythms and

the story of Idlewild from 1912 through

1964 the community of Idlewild was a

major summer vacation destination for

African Americans primarily from the

large urban centers in the Midwest a

planned resort community for black

Americans right from the onset over the

years Idlewild became a summer gathering

place that shaped black identity

thoughts and culture it was also a major

tour style for the big names in

african-american entertainment

they see the Mills Brothers Sarah Vaughn

Della Reese Louie Armstrong Aretha

Franklin The Four Tops and many others

were regulars at idlewild's

once-thriving night spots referred to as

black eaten at its peak as many as

25,000 people flocked to Idlewild on

holiday weekends during its heyday today

Idlewild is listed as a National

Historic Site we recommend you visit the

unknow wild historic and cultural center

and see the Idlewild story retold

through exhibits film and artifacts and

you won't want to miss the magnificent

shrine of the pines in Baldwin the

shrine is the log home of Baldwin wood

carver Raymond W overhauls ur and his

incredible lifetime of work the cabins

and furnishings he hand-built on the

site were his personal tribute to the

state tree the great white pine here you

will find a dinner table made from a 700

pound white pine stump complete with

carved chairs on the west wall a

majestic stone fireplace Rises like a

monument to this wonderful collection of

ingenious art and artifacts

boundless adventure Lake County is

unquestionably a year-round outdoor

recreation paradise do you like to fish

I mean do you really like to fish

because if you do you have to come to

Lake kadhi our world-renowned Blue

Ribbon trout streams the peermark at the

pine and the little Manistee rivers are

calling you all species of trout reside

in these rivers and in the fall the

Santa both kings and coho return to the

peermark cat from Lake Michigan one of

the best ways to catch these magnificent

fish is to hire one of the many

professional guides throughout the fall

and winter and into the spring the

monster steelhead come up River from

Lake Michigan and powerful ten to

fifteen pound steelies are common Lake

County's hundreds of small inland lakes

also offer play bass and many types of

Pam fish and for those who just come to

relax on the water there are rental

boats canoes and kayaks available for

cruising the lakes and waterways are you

a hunter Lake County is known statewide

for excellent upland game like rough

grouse and Woodcock wild turkey as well

as for its trophy white tails

how about winter sports there are trails

for cross-country skiing and snowshoeing

and hundreds of miles of groomed

snowmobile trails throughout the county

some of those same trail systems provide

public access the rest of the year with

over 230 miles open for all-terrain

vehicles and for state designated ATV

and ORV trails Lake County is Michigan's

premier ORV Recreation Area specific

motorcycle only trails provide a single

track challenge for riders of all ages

and skill levels

the communities of Lake County have a

variety of annual festivals and events

throughout the summer

providing fun for the whole family

Baldwin has trout a rama and the

blessing of the bikes Luther has its

logging days and irons as the flea

roasts and ox market there is plenty of

lodging for you to choose from in Lake

County bed and breakfasts motels lounges

and campgrounds and lots of unique shops

and restaurants to enjoy endless nature

almost half of Lake County is public

forest land for you to enjoy

timeless rhythms the fascinating musical

history of Idlewild the serenade of the

wind whistling in the great white pines

and the melodic lapping of waves

boundless adventure quiet sports

Motorsports hunting and fishing or just

relaxing beautiful Lake County has it

all but don't take our word for it come

to Lake County and see for yourself your

journey begins