How To Find A White Squirrel in North Carolina

I want to send you somewhere that you're

really gonna hopefully see one you know

I mean like yeah I have one in my

backyard at random times but I'm not

going to have you sent on my front porch

and you know for a couple hours I'm

gonna send you to where I would think

more of a colony of white squirrels

would be more breeding ground for

squirrels which is definitely the

college because of all the open green

space and of course there's a few key

spots that people could go see them one

of them is over by the college because

the white squirrels are over there

become a little bit more friendly a

little bit more used to people because a

lot of the college students feed them

along the creek alone kings creek

another spot is a long franklin street

that runs from maine down to down

towards the college athletic field and

dead ends but there's white squirrels

along there I think the college has

really in a way been friendly to the

white squirrels you know white schools

are animals I mean just like any other

animals and you feed them and you

protect him and you make sure they're

okay they're going to stay there and

they're going to stay within the trees

and they're going to keep doing their

same thing but there's white squirrels

all over Brevard and all over the county

and they've been seen up and in tax away

and cashiers and they've been seeing

over in flat rock and add a while I

think one of the funniest things I've

ever seen is you know with with

squirrels is that a defense mechanism

for them is that they want to blend in

and so why squirrels don't have a mirror

so they don't know they're white and if

you ever seen a gray squirrel they

stretch out so they actually stretch out

on a tree to like go and you know they

want to fade in well the white squirrel

will do the exact same thing but the

Westco has no idea that now you have now

made yourself even big even larger and

you're now this big white mark on the

side of the tree