Rare White Squirrel Mysteriously Dropped Off On Person’s Doorstep



you would probably be having a really

weird day if when you walked outside you

found a cardboard box on your doorstep

the day would get weirder if inside the

box was a single baby squirrel now

imagine that instead of just a single

baby squirrel it was a single extremely

rare albino baby squirrel crazy day



well that day just happened to someone

in London who quickly got the squirrel

to Folly wildlife rescue word is now

being well cared for the little squirrel

was soon named Polly she's now staying

in a foster home where she's being hand

fed with a tiny little bottle of milk

the people at Folly Wildlife Rescue are

painfully aware of how rare a squirrel

like Polly is they've only ever had one

other albino squirrel in their care and

it's been ten years since they saw the

last squirrel Polly is doing

extraordinarily well according to her

foster family and very soon she'll be

put into a group with other squirrels in

the rescue scare Dave Hinsley a worker

at Folly Wildlife Rescue has speculated

about where Polly could have come from

albino squirrels tend to show up in the

same area his speculation can't get very

specific though because whoever first

received Polly took her to the RSPCA and

that group delivered Polly to Folly

Wildlife Rescue all Hinsley knows is

that Polly came from London he says at

the end of the day though it doesn't

matter whoever got Polly handled the

situation responsibly and now she's

doing very very well