you're gonna go and record and say that

you like truckle ice cream I'm gonna go

on record and say I loved it you

obviously haven't seen my video you know

what I'll save it for the end going

again some lunch

oh it's drying up thank God it was

raining hard what do you mean you know

see the giant puddles any Content

content Erica

say something funny what is this let's

go let's go oh my goodness like they're

actually better than bags do to get a

bike a clothing store there's a wedding

that charging for the video I'm making

Erica out of the way

it makes me serious house music hey you

wanna grab a salad to go along with your

pizza summer salads hummus dip

with the two cones on top of it that's

that's the the new ice cream place the

dip to dip place way better than super

truck while I skin night no supplying

you're gonna go on record and say that

you like chocolate ice cream I'm gonna

go on record and say I loved it you

obviously haven't seen my video this

giant the time that you're wasting up

see how snapchat has all these colors

they used to have more colors now they

don't so like if I want skin tone it's

not that so that I can't even draw like

my usual like rocker X characters or

anything this is garbage I can only draw

that Patrick starfish because they have

because they have pink and yellow


they actually folded your pizza in huh

put it on top of each other that was so

smart they stayed space but now look oh

they go the cheese there goes my

sandwiches okay so I look out the window

and I see these people taking photos of

a tree and I was wondering what they

were doing so I went downstairs and I

went outside and I see these two

photographers feeding this white


apparently this white scrool is a big

thing I don't know why they even made a

mural of it on the side of a building I

think it's called the white squirrel

coffeehouse I have no idea

Browns were gathering just to see this

white squirrel people are calling it the

albino squirrel a police officer came by

and told me you know it's Nona it's not

actually an albino squirrel it's just

part of the grey squirrel family but

it's such a big deal

I looked it up online so many articles

talking about this albino white squirrel

white squirrels blacks girls they're all

the same they're all rodents that's not

let's not feed them out of our hands

shall we

how about that hey what did this thing

so you just everybody know that

you want quest