The White Squirrel Phenomenon

white white squirrel world see five

years ago I was out in the neighborhood

milling around and I saw this I was like

holy moly that's a white squirrel and I

had never seen a white squirrel it was

pretty cool and now I'm a little bit of

an expert on white squirrels so um

here's their story so at first I was

like what's up with this white squirrel

so of course I did a little research

online and I found that there's a few

towns across North America that claim to

be the home of the white squirrel so the

next logical step was to visit all those

towns started the journey in Brevard

North Carolina not just because we also

live in North Carolina but because it

has an awesome gift shop allowing us to

stock up on needed items for the trip

saw and the Christmas tree ornament and

a magnet we're spending more than $50

white squirrel souvenirs a lot of things

that most of the squirrels actually have

a little bit of a black stripe on their

backs which to me seems to indicate they

all might have come from the same

genetic stock next up Exeter Canada here

we are in Exeter white squirrels know

it's cool and Exeter is that you

actually have white squirrels living

side by side with black squirrels next

Kent in Tennessee but the neat thing

about Kenton is that the squirrels there

are actually albino so far I'm thinking

carefully about - and now by nose you

can tell because of their red eyes

unfortunately in Kenton one of the

locals was able to give me a preserved

sample of a white squirrel we're staking

a sample means you have to carry it

around the country with you for the

remainder of your trip squirrel

and finally Marion Ville Missouri it is

the white squirrel capital of its own

area this was possibly the most

enthusiastic white squirrel town we

found to date they need for us to come

and see you guys the squirrels so yeah

if you guys have any questions obviously

we're here around so

this is the Marian Villa gift shop I can

tell you guys you're not into this

hillbilly lives among other things they

proudly hold the white squirrel costume

you see was this town we found the

mother lode we hopped in the old folks

bus drove around and eventually we found

the best location to find white

squirrels white squirrels were running

around everywhere and here in Marion

Ville the white squirrels are actually

mostly white morphs and what I love

about these white squirrel towns

everybody has an idea of where their

white squirrels come from one down they

apparently came off of a circus truck

one town was a bad scientist and then

one town was just some crazy guy out in

the woods that was breeding them and now

that actually brought up a lot of

questions so my research continued I

visited museums I looked at the pelts

from squirrels all over the country I

talked to other biologists and I wrote

an online article telling people to send

me their white squirrel sightings in the

end I got a thousand different reports

and you can only imagine how many cool

sightings I was able to see from people

all over the country now the interesting

thing is when I analyze the data you see

what I thought was going to happen is

that these white squirrel sightings

we're basically going to radiate out

from these white squirrel towns right

turns out this white swirled phenomenon

was pretty randomly distributed across

the country all covering the range of

the eastern gray squirrel but here are

some of the neat things I found first

80% of the squirrels were white morphs

the rest are actually albinos with red

eyes next there's a white more - the fox

squirrel and every so often there is

just a crazy mix of white squirrels that

have crazy coat patterns that I just

cannot explain so my goal with this

research is just to answer a question I

had so many years ago about this white

squirrel phenomenon and of course it's

not over so this is where you can help

since I can't go around the country

looking at white squirrels all the time

they're really rare you can tell me if

you've had a rough spot then you can go

to this link right here and you can tell

me about it thanks for watching light

squirrels crazy

you like that video then stay tuned

because I'm actually going to create

some more white squirrel videos I think

it's really interesting especially the

genetics which we're analyzing up right

now all right we'll see you next week