How to Replace Trailer Wheel Bearings

good morning and welcome back guys it is

a little bit of a miserable day outside

it's about a 45-minute journey to the

closest ramps that I want to fish around

at the moment and I thought you know

what bugger I'm looking to go it's more

so to Sunday today and I didn't want

have to put up with all the weekend

worries and then it turned out to be

raining all morning so I'm kind of glad

I didn't make the effort but we do have

to replace a wheel bearing on my trailer

so that's what we're gonna do this

morning I had to replace the other wheel

bearing the other day my dust cap came

off the trailer probably about eight

months ago and I went out and bought all

the new gear to do it and it broke on

the way to the boat ramp probably two or

three days before I was actually going

to change it so I had to do it at the

boat ramp very easy process I'm gonna

talk you through it today we're gonna do

the other wheel cuz you want to do them

both at the same time and I'm about to

use my trailer a lot more these days so

I really want to get this one done as

well make sure they're both up to

scratch ready for a heap of traveling

stop you'll need your bearings if you

don't know what type of axle it is do a

little bit of Google research but mine

is a Ford axle so I've got the four axle

bearings a marine seal for the box frame

obviously I've got the marine grease

premium wheel bearing and marine that's

are apparently the top notch stuff the

Gulf Western oil you dust cover some of

you might have a bearing buddy but I've

just gone with the normal dust covers

you'll need a jack to Jack your trailer

up that's the handle for the Jack pliers

or these are pliers but just something

to bend out the pin hammer block award a

socket as well I'm not sure what size it

is yet because I haven't got the the

dust cover off and last time I just use

just ship things span up but you'll need

a socket too for what's underneath you

so we're gonna wheel the trailer out and

start replacing the bearings I'll talk

you through it

first up jack up the trail

the trailer is all jacked up so then

we're gonna take off the dust cover oh

she still looks primo in there

last one was cooked I'm gonna take off

this little pin grab your pliers and

there's a little pin here once you got

your pin out then just grab it you

socket two under the wheel remember to

keep your you're pinned to the side give

that a bit of a clean ladder so once you

take it you're not off keep that with

your pinned should be a washer just here

this is the bearing still in good Nick

the last ones were absolutely cooked but

I'm gonna keep these ones as a spare

give him a cleanup take your wheel off


and then you've got a rubber seal on the

back here there yep take your bearing

off yeah you seal off the back grab your

rag clean up all your old grease so that

there's no old grease left on there so

once you cleaned out your old one you

can see there's a bit of rust there so

I'll have to keep an eye on that that's

all the old stuff there and we've got an

old bearing still in the wheel here so

what you want to do is there's a little

silver plate that keeps this big bearing

in the back here so we've got to knock

that out we're gonna remove all the old

grease and see if there's any wear and

tear if it's all good then we can go

ahead and put the new bearings in

so just like that you want to pop the

old bearing out I just used a

screwdriver and just carefully knock

that out careful not to damage any of

this because you don't really want this

is still in really good Nick so we're

gonna keep that in there so get all the

old grease yeah as y'all bearing there

didn't damage that at all so i'm going

to keep that there is a spare we'll

clean that up there's the old cap I'm

not sure if you can reuse that but keep

that over there as well

so make sure you get all your old grease

out the last one the dust cap fell off

and the wheel lasted eight months before

the bearings gave up if it fell off on a

long trip so I didn't really want to

just stick a dust cap back on there so I

kind of just let it play out cuz I just

wanted to make sure that there was no

grit and stuff in there so I ended up

just replacing it so you want to check

for any damage on the these outer

bearing like this is where your bearings

roll so you want to check for any damage

mine are still in really good Nick so

I'm not going to knock them out if they

are damaged you have to knock them out

with a screwdriver and you bang the new

ones in check the back one as well so

absolutely no damage or dents in where

your bearings rolling grab your new

bearings that's the front one that's the

back one

you've got your seal for the the one

that holds the bearing in the back there

you got that see also has to be knocked

in there's your new seal that just clips

over there like so that on we're just

going to pack out the bearings so get

your marine grease as the grease inside

there this is the front bearing we

should do the back one first back on

first is I'll put that on front one goes

on laughing so what you do get a big

blob of grease you want to put that on

your hand like so and you just want to

take a little bit to the grease at a


until it oozes out the top there so you

just want to take a little bit to their

grease at a time until it oozes out the


see how it's oozing out the top there so

grab this bit here back on there and you

just want to work around your bearing do

you've got it all losing out the top

there you go so it's a little bit messy

so make sure you got a rag so once you

got all the grease packed into the

bearing a little bit of excess grease

around the edges I isn't gonna hurt

anyone so we're gonna put that back into

the wheel so put the new new bearing in

the back of the wheel and then your next

step is to bang it over this on grab

your lump of wood you thing is knocked


that's all flash flip that over we'll do

the front bearing it's gonna pack a

little bit extra greasy same process for

the front bearing rub the grease just

slowly from ones all done

I couldn't have picked a better day to

do this absolutely pouring rain front

ones all done I'm gonna stick that in

there like soap pack a little bit of

extra grease around there once you got

it all packed in and


put your washer back on so then you're

not for your wheel so you want to

tighten her up but then you have to take

it back to where the pin can go through

so that has to line up like so check

that the wheels moving freely Chuck your

PIN in dander up

then you want Jinyu dust cover and you

want to just slowly just knock that in

and Bob's your uncle your wheel bearing

is replaced so I'm just cleaning the old

bearings with a little bit of kerosene

clean them up and I'm gonna use these as

spares because these ones are still in

really good Nick the other ones were

totally cooked put them all clean that's

what I used to use to clean my bike

chains up so I'm gonna put these in the

car as a spare just in case one of the

wheels goes gonna be on the road a fair

bit always good to have a spare thanks

for watching guys if you enjoyed it give

it a big old thumbs up sorry for the

weather it's now just turned it back on

again it's as quick and easy as that