Must Watch Before Spending Money On a New Wheel Bearing

hey do-it-yourselfers today's video

could potentially save you a few hundred

bucks at the mechanic shop so make sure

you watch it all the way to the end all

right so if you're hearing a howling or

a humming noise coming from your wheels

and you or maybe or even your mechanic

suspect that there's a problem with your

wheel bearing you need to do this before

moving forward and that is you need to

check your tires because sometimes even

a tire that looks good has enough thread

lift on it can go bad in a way which is

gonna make that noise which is again a

humming or howling depending on who's

listening that's very similar to a bad

wheel bearing that's going out and after

you check that you also need to verify a

bad wheel bearing and we're gonna go

over that as well now before we go any

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right so a way that a tire can go bad

which can make that noise for lack of a

better term is that it's bent out of

shape or stretched out of shape or maybe

you hit something and now you have more

tire material in one area due to a bulge

than other areas and how you can check

for this is well you need to get your

hands dirty you need to get on the

ground put your hands on top of the tire

and then run your hands all the way

around make sure it's completely smooth

nothing is out of place you don't feel

any bumps on the tire and if you don't

you can move on to the next step now

this tire floats okay but I'm positive

one of these tires is bad so I'm gonna

keep going until I find the bad one hey

found it that did it take long and

you'll notice this as soon as soon as

you put your hand on a tire that's this

bad where it's making that humming or

howling noise you'll know it you'll know

it for sure again as we mentioned you're

the tire that goes bad in this way

doesn't necessarily need to have bad


so one can look at this tire but like

let's guys we got a little bit of tread

left on it but this tire is bad needs to

be replaced yeah this right rear tire is

bad as well and this is a fusion touring

tire both rear ones are same brand

fusion touring anybody want to guess

where they're made yep you guessed it

made in China now like most people I do

a lot of things from China but tires are

definitely not one of them all right now

let's say you check the tires you don't

find anything wrong with the tires

however you still hear that

how many noise that's usually indicative

of a bad wheel bearing what you need to

do is to verify it so next we're going

to raise and support the side of

everything we have a bad wheel bearing

alright next you want to grab the wheel

give it a good spin and listen I favor

bad wheel bearing you'll hear the noise

coming from your bearing assembly and

that's due to the uneven wear to the

bearings that said that are inside there

however I want to show you guys the

uneven wear that's gonna be obvious at

this angle on this tire alright at least

I hope it is if you look at the back of

the tire you might be able to hear it

see it better

alright now let's assume you did this

however you still don't hear anything

what you need to do next is to put your

arms in the three and nine o'clock

position and rock the wheel back and

forth and look for movement now if you

have movement in the three and nine

o'clock position you also need to have

movement in the 12 and six o'clock

position so put your arms in those

locations Rock the wheel back and forth

and again look for movement if you only

have movement in one direction and not

the other that doesn't necessarily mean

you have a bad wheel bearing you could

have if you're doing this on the front

you could have a bad inner or outer tie

rod if it's moving only this way and if

it's only moving this way you could have

a lower upper bad ball joint in order

for you to be able to verify that you

have a bad wheel bearing you need to

have for field movement pretty much in

any position really regardless of where

your hands on if you're rocking the

wheel back and forth and if you have

movement in any position then that means

you have a bad wheel bearing all right

here's another trick I'm going to share

with you that's gonna help you find your

bad wheel bearing and that is you'll

need to find your spring put your left

or right arm on it and then you spin the

wheel and if you have a bad wheel

bearing that uneven wear is gonna cause

some vibration which is going to travel

through your control arm the hub

assembly into your strut and to the

spring from there to your hand now if

you're doing this for the first time

you're gonna have to verify that

vibration is excessive

you feel in the spring and it's due to

the wheel bearing and you do that by

raising another side of the car doing

the same thing there and making sure

that you have a lot less vibration from

where you don't suspect the bad wheel

bearing compared to where you do suspect

you have a bad wheel bearing so if you

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