What Does a Bad Wheel Bearing Sound Like?

I am going to attempt to demonstrate to

you the sound from a bad wheel bearing

and the reason I say attempt is because

I don't know if this camera is going to

pick up the sound that this wheel

bearing is making but this one is pretty

bad and the noise is pretty loud so

there's a pretty good chance that this

will be successful and if you are

watching this on YouTube now obviously I

wouldn't have posted it unless it was

going to make a sound that was something

you could hear so we're in a 2001

Hyundai Accent this is just one of our

little shop vehicles and this thing has

a very bad wheel bearing so I'm going to

take it out and I'm going to show you

some things related to a bad wheel

bearing and kind of the sound that it

makes in some ways that you can tell for

sure that it is a wheel bearing

so I'll get will just get driving here

and then you'll see what it sounds like

it'll do it so you're gonna hear a sound

that sounds a little bit like a growl

so you hear that growl sounds like the

right front wheel

that's a pretty significant growl now

the faster we get going the worse it

becomes and I'm going to take off down

the road here hopefully that Suns not

too bright

so you hear that noise

that is the sound of a bad wheel bearing

the faster we go the louder it gets

we're doing about 40 miles an hour down

the road here

and it's very loud

very loud

let's turn around get out of the Sun and

go the other way I'll show you one more

thing that this thing's doing

I'm gonna cigs it or I'm gonna trick the

streamlet back and forth a little bit

listen to the sound the bearing makes

every time I jerk that wheel to the

right the noise goes away because that

right front wheel lifts up just a little

bit the weight of the vehicle has taken

off of the wheel and what that does is

it causes the bearing to quiet down when

there's not so much weight on it


so anyway very definitely a bad wheel

bearing very definitely a problem that

ought to be fixed before this car goes

out anywhere