Wheel Bearing Replacement with Basic Hand Tools

first step will be to remove the dust

cap off of the wheel

and before you jack up the car it's a

good idea to loosen up the axle nut it

just makes it a little bit easier if you

don't have any air tools what I'm using

here is a breaker bar and then a pipe

over the breaker bar to give me that

extra leverage and in this case this

bolt is one in 1 quarter inch

then go ahead and loosen up your lug

nuts and again I'm using a pipe over the

lug nut wrench just to give me that

extra leverage it's easy on your back

and it's easy on your arms and shoulders

then go ahead and jack up the car don't

forget to use jack stands

go ahead and remove all of the lug nuts

and take the wheel off of the car

now in this next step we need to remove

two 15 millimeter bolts from the caliper

and as you can see here they can be

pretty tight especially if mechanics

install these or do brake shops with

impact wrenches so it'll loosen it I'm

using the 15 millimeter wrench and

tapping it with a sledgehammer

and then using the ratchet to remove the

bolt so you want to do this for the

lower bolt as well as the top bolt


then go ahead and remove the caliper and

get yourself either a bungee cord or

some zip ties and tie it to the shock

spring of the strut just get it out of

the way so as you continue to do work

it's not in your way


now the caliper mounting bracket has two

bolts here is the first one and there is

the second one these are 15 millimeter

bolts and now go ahead and remove both

of these


and of course don't forget to remove the

brake pads


now go ahead and remove the axle nut

tap the rotor and also tap the the axle

spline right there but essentially what

you want to do is remove all of the rust

so the rotor can come off of the hub and

you'll need to do this for a couple


don't hit the part of the rotor where

the brake pads make contact just do it

in the center of the rotor as you can

see here and if you have a polar that

would that will be even easier but if

you don't have a polar you can use this

technique as well after you've done that

for a couple minutes go ahead and tap

the back of the rotor with a rubber

mallet then get yourself a piece of wood

and lightly tap the side of the rotor

and it should come off rather easily

like so if it doesn't just continue

repeating the steps until it does

the bearing is held on by three 13

millimeter bolts here's where the first

one is located right here on the

backside and then you have two others on

the other side now this could be rather

tight if you don't have any air tools

and you'll see it in a few seconds what

I did is I used the ratchet and then I

put a pipe over the ratchet to give me

some extra leverage and that's the way I

was able to loosen them up because they

were very very tight so after I did this

on each bolt I was able to remove them

so go ahead and remove all three


all right once you wrap that up you have

a plastic tab which holds on the ABS

connector just sunt a bit or clicking in

and then what you also need to do is you

have the ABS sensor still hooked up just

disconnect that and then you'll be able

to remove the bearing from the vehicle

then go ahead and reinstall your

brand-new bearing


reconnect the ABS sensor and reinstall

the mounting tab to the metal bracket


reinstall the three bolts holding on the

hub and tighten these 260 foot-pounds


reinstall the rotor and the caliper

mounting bracket now the bolt holding on

this bracket you need to tighten them to

80 foot-pounds


reinstall your brake pads


what I'm doing here is I'm compressing

the piston back into its bore just

because it was a little tight

reinstalling the caliper so you could do

this if you want just as you can see a

couple turns just to slightly push in

the the piston back into its bore and

then reinstall the caliper


and when you reinstall the two caliper

bolts you want to tighten these 250



reinstall your axle nut and make it snug

for now when we reinstall the wheel and

lower the car back down we'll tighten

this nut to a hundred and eighteen


reinstall the wheel along with the lug



snug down the lug nuts with your lug nut


lower the vehicle

and tighten the lug nuts to a hundred


then go ahead and tighten the axle nut

to a hundred and eighteen foot pounds

the last step is to reinstall the dust

cover and that's it you're all set

any questions please leave them below

and I hope this video helped you out