How To Build A Niche Based Website To Generate You A Passive Income | Sociflux Review

hi and welcome to deep office living in

flip-flop life in today's episode I'm

going to explain the importance of

having a niche based website and that

the fact that it does work in generating

you a passive income

once you've set it up it takes a while

if you're doing it manually to get it

ranked if you're doing it properly with

SEO and I'm gonna give you an example of

what this destiny Tuning secret is all

about and why I built it a few years ago

but why you can actually use the same

methodology right here really easily

using a specific software that can

actually help you create that type of

website really easily in order to get

you traffic make money from you being an

affiliate or monetizing them through

Google Adsense and at the same time

getting viral traffic over using posts

that are actually viable viral right now

and you can find all that through this

Sochi flux this is perfect for any type

of social media agency anybody that's

new anybody that's a new blogger or you

want to start a new blogging or a

website and a specific niche any

affiliate marketer any business owner

anybody that in general that wants to

build a website really easily and get

content automatically and also get it

ranked a lot faster and stuff and plus

there's some also training videos to

teach you how to monetize things how to

make money from it how to set things up

how to how to just basically build a

niche based business from scratch using

the Sochi flux training that they have

for you here okay so this is a great

tool because you can actually come here

and create a new website from the

templates that they have for you it

doesn't matter what you choose alright

and all you have to do is just drag and

drop edit replace images if you don't

want this this logo you can replace it

with something else you can actually

create new images change the titles the

the content where you see the lorem and

the everything you can do everything

here connect things change things just

like any

the Builder all right the good thing

about this is that they're kind of like

hosting it for you all you have to do is

get an e domain so you can tie it up and

the domain is like what just like eleven

dollars a year very affordable in order

for you to get started instead of paying

for that hosting instead of you doing

all the other dirty work well they've

got everything for you here it's pretty

easy to set up all they're asking you to

do or you is just choose what you want

and remove what you don't want okay and

it's all inside the training I'm not

going to go into depth because there's

no point it's pretty much simple you

just take this template switch things

around and then you're ready to go

now what happens here is that you name

this so let me see destined to name two

just for the sake of this video I'm

sharing with you how easy it is for you

to create a website where it's available

already okay this is what its gonna be

looking like if you switch things around

then things will be changed here alright

and it's very easy to do you can come

here and do the editing once again or

you all that very self now you can also

add new slides where these new slides

are basically articles that are going to

be posted on this website where you can

share make them go viral get people over

put your links on there whatever it is

so let's say we're doing something and

long the lines of law of attraction okay

that's a niche that's something that's

interesting there's all the big niche

for it so let's say I do Monday research

I'm looking for articles that have and

are related to this law of attraction

okay this one right here is a book that

you can actually get the title get the

image get the target get the URL which

could also change if you'd like get the

content which you can fix and add here

and and maybe add your links in here and

then you can also check out where the

content is from so this is a book okay

this is not the best thing to use but

might as well just use it for this

specific one so if I added this it would

be available right now back onto my

website so if I went to my website this

would be

newse thing this is what I'm gonna be

promoting and take them over to the

website see how easy that was

this is taking them over and I didn't

take too long for me to do this now

there's an about Union page as well

where this about you page is actually

going to be created through this part

right here so you can add and about you

switch the image put your little story

okay and then you're you're ready to go

so I would save this as my about me page

and this will be added onto my links etc

all right now what else can you do you

can add a contact page you can view it

you can map the URL the URL map of this

is basically you taking this link and

connecting it to your domain and I've

got videos free videos on how you can do

this it's very easy and you're ready to

go so basically the website part is done

you can do this in less than maybe even

five minutes I'm not kidding you can get

more content etc from then you can

actually schedule and again following

the through the same process of

searching posts and everything and you

can put it push them over to your

website and and stuff like that now

there's also social media posts then you

can actually build your social media

profile because you know this website

does have its own Facebook page where

I'm sending and creating content where

I'm allowing people to connect and then

back to my website so this is very

important that you are able to do this

and the way you can do this is come here

and again following the same way finding

articles that are in your niche so is

affiliate marketing and I apologize for

the dog barking I hate my neighbor is

because sometimes they don't they don't

care about their dogs barking okay so

let me get the images the URL the

content you can read where this is where

it's going and you can add this alright

and you know I got to put a few okay

idle to the field alright and then you

can post this later to whatever nobody

see what I need to change the title

field must contain and unique there we

go so I just needed to change the title

because you can't have the same titles

and stuff like that now I can post this

on my Pinterest on my my fate my Twitter

okay and well you get the point you know

how to post and stuff like that and this

will actually build your social media

page account connected to your website

get auto content going and then you can

actually monetize everything using this

specific area where you can put your

keywords your Facebook pixels any

scripts that you might need for your

Google Adsense account and all that

great stuff okay so a big bonus that I'm

giving you is basically if you picked

this up through my links there's

associate flux for my links then you're

getting get a bunch of bonuses that are

gonna help you with social flux itself

okay so Sochi flux basically promises

you a point-and-click software that

creates stunning news social news sites

in just three minutes

this is true this is exactly what it


I've been doing this using manual

methods now you can actually do this on

automatic and a lot faster and it's

really something that does work a lot of

people use this method to generate a lot

of money through Google Adsense etc one

of my websites I'm generating over 530 a

month another website I'm generating

over 400 and 800 and I've got this

running on many websites this is one of

my major websites that I'm using and I'm

not gonna I'm not gonna share which

other ones there are but this is one and

another way of monetizing these websites

is actually from Clickbank and it's

something that does work you got to do

is come here into the marketplace find

the offer that you want in any

and then build your website based on

these offers that you're gonna be seeing

right here this is how one way of you

generating commissions on a day to day

basis from the organic traffic then

gonna be getting and from the help of

Sochi flux you're gonna be able to build

websites different niche websites and

build content and everything like that

now if you're gonna ask me if I if as

somebody as it experiences me to use

something like this well to be honest

I've already got websites that are

running I can't really handle anything

else this would make things easier for

me to build websites from here there are

other methods of you actually building

your websites Wix and all that is a free

methods that you can be using however

it's best to always host something

always have a hosting and this is

something that provides you with hosting

and will save you a lot of money on that

as well because hosting does cost a lot

of money other than that you have

everything inside here for you to get

started and there are some amazing

bonuses that you're gonna be getting and

these bonuses are the actual ones that

you saw in the bonus section length that

you are seeing below so make sure you go

ahead and click on the links below

I'm not going to scroll down any further

because you can check the what the

bonuses are well actually let me take

you to the bonus page you will be

getting ten bonuses that are going

congruently with sochi flux and the

bonuses you can actually check out all

the details because if i sit down and

explain for each one it's gonna take me

a long time but you can actually go and

click the links below so you can check

what you're getting and delivered once

you have purchased sochi flux from my

links okay so make sure you go through

my links so you can get a Google Doc

where I have all the access details to

your ten bonuses and I'm a vet that are

available on this bonus page that I've

created for you okay so these ten

bonuses will be delivered as soon as you

go through my links of Sochi flux as

soon as you're inside you're going to be

getting access to these bonuses I hope

you enjoy this

video and gave you a bigger picture of

what is possible with online marketing

affiliate marketing and building niche

based websites that could generate you a

passive income it's good to use tools

and my fast track your results these

tools are also going to be used for your

researching for building your social

media platforms to bring viral traffic

to get ranked to redirect people to two

things that they're looking for this is

how it's done I hope you take the chance

and check it out this is a great great

software to start off your 2020 career

as an affiliate marketer and I hope you

go through my links again if you said

and do this manually it will take you a

lot of your time your valuable time you

will be spending a lot more money

because of hosting and and other things

that you're going to be using here

they've got everything for you and I

think you're ready to go I love this

tool this is pretty cool it could have

come in handy when I was first starting

now it's gonna come easier for me what I

want to build something on the go really

quickly and just connect it to domain

that I'm purchasing it's hosted already

I've got everything set up

it's really good to go okay I hope you

enjoyed this Sochi flux review and the

bonuses and everything else if you want

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talk to you inside peace out