Static Website Design vs CMS Based Design

everybody its staff with killer sites

and other sites so in this vlog would

answer a question that was put to me

recently do you build static sites or

sites based on a CMS a content

management system so it just in case you

don't know a content management system

is an app like WordPress Drupal Joomla

these are pieces of software that you

install on a web server and they help

with content management you could post

articles and upload the images and do

all kinds of stuff set categories etc

except centers that are Sara so to give

you some context CMS's are used quite a

bit in websites today it's as much as

thirty thirty five percent of the

world's websites are powered by some

sort of CMS and that's that's a rough

figure could be a bit more actually so

the big king of it all of course is

WordPress WordPress power something like

twenty seven percent twenty five percent

of the world's websites just WordPress

so that's significant to consider so the

larger question is well I'm just gonna

read the question when you build for a

client to use a specific CMS or do you

build static sites he goes on this guy

to say I've been trying to gather a

consensus a consensus on the best

approach for designing sites for clients

and well everyone seems to have a

different opinion on the subject I'm

interested to know your opinion so what

I said was that long as I just opened up

so many sites are based on Joomla Drupal

and especially WordPress and there's a

reason for because they bring a lot to

the table to bring a lot of bonus

functionality a lot of free

functionality to a website now I believe

the days of static websites what I mean

by static web sites web sites that are

just HTML CSS may be a little bit of

JavaScript here and there and they're

not connected to any database you're not

part of a content management system just

the traditional type of web site I think

that business of building traditional


is going to become more and more

difficult in terms of making and living

as a freelancer and there's a couple

reasons for that

number one a lot of small business

owners which are 80% of businesses are

if they just want a static website

because they're not designed training

about majority of them because they

don't have the eyes to see the

difference between a great-looking

design from scratch versus some template

or versus a website builder like a Wix

or something if you come to a client

with just the ability to build static

websites you're going to be severely

limiting your job prospects your gig

prospects so I would strongly suggest

that you do pick a particular content

management system and you learn it and

you learn to skin them basically add the

template and modify them and work with

them there was a big business in that

and many years ago I don't know what it

was maybe 2008 something like this 2006

I'm not sure when I coined the term haha

I don't know maybe somebody else came up

with this term before me but I wrote I

came up with the idea of the WordPress

web designer and this whole idea back

then I said there's gonna be a huge

business opportunity for for web

developers what designers who just work

with WordPress and in fact that is the

case and some people who made a lot of

money doing that you know custom

wordpress templates building wordpress

plugins and providing that expertise you

would be surprised how many small

businesses are driven on WordPress so I

know a lot of developer types of all

designer type subway I don't know we're

pressed and I'm one to complain about

WordPress but it's the reality of the

situation so to work with WordPress of

course you need to know your HTML html5

your css3 and a little bit of JavaScript

but it's also good to know a little bit

of PHP because WordPress is created with

PHP so if you want to go a little deeper

in terms of your WordPress skills in

terms of the

the services that you provide for

WordPress you know PHP is just gonna

make your life that much easier on top

of that I want to bring up a wider issue

the idea of the web designer versus the

web developer now web designer to me is

a is a throwback the term it's a

profession that has reference to the 90s

early 2000s maybe I know a lot of people

so think about web design they talk

about web design I think a better way of

describing the modern-day web designer

if you will is you would describe him as

a front-end developer versus the

back-end developer so the back-end

developer is the person right in the PHP

or the Django Python Java Ruby the

person building the apps behind the

scenes the engine of dynamic websites

now the front-end web developer is a

person who's building the user interface

the UI the visual components of a

website of a web app and so yeah so

that's what I would really call the

modern-day web designer I would really

call them front-end web front-end

developers or front-end web developers

because they're really much more there's

much more about code with modern-day web

design much more is much more about user

experience UX than there was in the past

you see back in the day if you built a

nice-looking site you know maybe add

some search engine friendliness to it

and they used to call this we call this

se-ho basically making sure that your

code is optimized for searches of course

these days if you do proper web

development you write your code properly

for your websites you don't need to you

don't need to make your code compatible

with the search engines it's already

compatible with the search engines for

two reasons a the code is better be

everybody codes better rather and

the search engines are better at what

they do

so in the old days it was much more

about aesthetics how good looked these

days if you're developing websites

you really are front end web developer

because you have to not only understand

how but it looks good you have to make

it look good you have to make it work

good so that's where user experience

come comes in UX and then you're

probably gonna have to have some sort of

knowledge about how to structure your

code so it works with back-end coders so

you need to really understand code and

to even make use full use of html5 and

css3 these days you have to know a

little bit of JavaScript programming

because a lot of the power in html5 and

css3 not all of it but a lot of it comes

unlocked when you understand a little

bit of JavaScript if you want to get it

you're gonna need to learn a little bit

of jQuery as well you have to be a

master at it but jQuery you know you

could you could fledged through without

knowing JavaScript but if you know just

the basics of JavaScript your ability to

use jQuery will be you know you'll be

ten times more productive so yeah

there's other frameworks bootstrap and

so on so you know these days modern day

web design has much more to do with

front and front and web development

rather than design so I think the days

of the peer designer somebody who

develops the user interface for a

website or a web app just so that it

looks good I think those jobs are fading

simply because the web is much more

sophisticated web sites are much more

sophisticated so you as a developer have

to be much more sophisticated let me

give you context and a story back in the

90s what we had to do in terms of coding

and a web site was a totally different

event today the average web designer in

the mid-90s a lot of them didn't know

anything about code a lot of them were

graphic designers who moonlighted as web

designers and they would use a product

like go live or Dreamweaver or something

or front page and they would just cut up

slice up their Photoshop

images where they would lay out their

sites in Photoshop and that was it you

know it's all those web design has

really changed quite a bit it got much

more sophisticated and so in year 2000

2001 when the web standards movement

took place where everybody started

thinking smart about Cole about writing

good code good HTML CSS code a lot the

time in the late 90s early 2000s all

about XHTML which is just that anyway

forget about XHTML we don't do that

anymore but point is is that the game

changed the game of what a web designer

did change it went from being what was

mid-90s to when it became in early 2000

so now we're in you know 2016

unbelievable hot time flies the game has

changed again in the last five years or

so so you know give or take a year so


bottom line should you just do static

sites well if you're really good

designer you might be able to scrape

together living but Tanja the business

and the action is with using some sort

of content management system and these

days because of its popularity WordPress

is probably your best bet

I'm not saying WordPress is the best on

a technical level I'm just saying it's

probably it is the most popular and

there's so many companies use it it's

well worth your time and your money to

learn WordPress and to work with it and

yes it can be a pain trust me I know all

right I hope you found this useful