How to Personalize your Website based on Location Data

location personalization for your

website using unless

how does it work and why is it so

important for companies to do this

before we get started let's talk about

the reasons for a location

personalization first you want to

increase the relevance of your content

by making it local show locally relevant

information such as social proof or a

local phone number anything that builds

trust and reduces the mental friction

towards making a decision second you

want to avoid bad experiences for

unserved customers if your business is

bound to a specific location you're

going to have visitors land on your site

that you can't cater to him instead of

ignoring them and letting these

potential future customers go to waste

use the opportunity to provide an

alternative way for them to connect with

your business

but how does this work under the hood

when we look in our analytics account

we'll see that our visitors are coming

from many different countries around the

world how do we technologically

determine where someone is on this

planet the way we do this is through IP

geolocation every visitor landing on

your page has a unique IP address and

what we do is we check this IP address

as they load the websites according to a

database that tells us where this

visitor is located this then tells us

which country they're in the region code

the city and the currency and using this

information we are able to create

different experiences for our visitors

you do this by creating an audience with

audiences you can group website visitors

based on certain conditions such as

visitor location equals USA once you've

created an audience you can start to

create different personalizations for

those audiences the personalization is

really the creative part for you as a

marketer now there are many cases for

localized personalization but one

commonly stands out websites that offer

offline services that could be anything

from an agency to a b2b company to

pretty much any service directed at and

customers if you have a service where

you actually have to meet your clients

in person localized personalizations are

your friend because your visitors will

want to make sure that you provide the

service at their location to show you

what that means in practice let me

introduce you to be glam comm they have

a service that allows visitors to book

hair stylists and makeup artists who

will come right to your home this

website attracts users from all over the

US and Canada but the service is only

available in a few cities this is a

perfect use case for personalization


going to show you how you can improve

the experience for visitors who actually

serve there are many locations to choose

from for now I just want to personalize

for one so I'm going to choose New York

the dashboard click on personalize and

what we'll do is we'll create our first

personalization I'm going to call this

one New York

now you see the personalization in this

list called New York and what we want to

do next is we want to add an audience

and then add a trigger or a condition

which is a location and in this case

we're going to select the city New York

and then click on save audience

you created a personalized a shoe and

matched an audience to it but up next we

want to design the page


so what we want to do is we want to

change the headline from top-rated

hairstylist and makeup artist come

directly to you to top-rated hairstylist

and makeup artist come directly to your

home in New York so next to that we may

also want to change some of the

different testimonials

right now we have Miami in Florida we

have Los Angeles in California and Erika

from San Diego and what we want to do is

we want to change those testimonials

into more locally relevant so we'll just

simply change these to New York New York

Boston Massachusetts to show that they

have lots of clients nearby and then all

I need to do is click on publish and now

visitors from New York will be shown a

different headline and different

testimonials why is this important

localizing social proof is a great way

to increase trust positive reviews from

other lines at my location research read

that the service is tested and like up

next I want to personalize for locations

I don't serve let's say someone visits

my website from outside of the Canada or

the United States they're highly

unlikely to convert so showing them the

book an appointment call to action isn't

the best use of real estate here let's

improve that with personalizations

I'm going to create a new

personalization called unserved fizzers

and given an audience name it

unserved visitors and then I'm going to

add country not equal to United States

or country not equal to Canada we've

created this personalization and an

audience and now I'm going to edit this

page we can change the headline look

your best and top-rated hair stylist and

makeup artist come directly to you but

here we may want to change this and just

say top rated hairstylist and makeup

artists in the US and Canada come

directly to you and hereby we can then

imply that people know that it's only

for the US and Canada and what we can do

underneath we can give them an

alternative call to action and I do this

by adding a little bit of code right

here which is join our mailing list to

be in the know

so even though we can't convert all

visitors into a customer due to local

limitations we can at least pursue this

as a secondary goal namely building up

our email list this way we can keep them

updated and their data gives us some

great insights about where our potential

customers live which helps us decide

where to expand next thank you for

watching hope this gives you a better

idea of what is possible with

location-based personalization for more

personalization ideas and instructions

check out our knowledgebase